A shipping container equipped with YOUNiQ – smart, convenient and secure

Make sure to check out our new solution with Algeco, which is currently in the test pilot stage. This solution aims to revolutionize the construction industry.

Short caption from Algecos recent newsletter:
– We know that the technology works, now we want to explore it in a new environment. Today there are a lot of challenges and risks when it comes to deliveries at construction sites. In addition to this, it requires increased administrative resources in terms of managing codes, tags and access. We want to change that, says Richard Brundin, business area manager container, at Algeco.
Confident that this is the future, Algeco is now offering a chance to test the solution (free of charge) using a shipping container equipped with YOUNiQ. The courier only needs to use an app and have their identity confirmed. The package is left in the container and authorized persons at the construction site can pick up the delivery when suitable.
Not only does this save time, the possibility for a workplace accident to happen is also minimized. The solution also eliminates the possibility for unauthorized persons to enter the construction site.

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