About us

Vision framework

The vision framework is the foundation describing the reason for being and is also the guiding stars in our day-to-day work.


We make people’s everyday life safe and seamless in a world where you are the key.

Vision explained:

We pioneer the evolution of biometric security. Our expertise and technology boost products that revolutionize our industry – and the world. Together with our customers we constantly change the game to make identification and authentication safer, easier, and more convenient.

Our goal is to allow every individual in the world to experience a safe and seamless everyday life. A life where people and things interact without the need for passwords, keys, or access devices. A life where you are the key.


Our values guide us in our daily work and help us make the right decisions.

We are…

Passionately committed

We are passionate about our business and committed to customer success. With our positive, can-do attitude we constantly explore new opportunities to support our customers’ needs – today and in the future. To succeed we build strong relationships with customers and partners, always founded in trust, engagement and dedication to our ambitious goals.

Smarter together

Teamwork is the cornerstone of our success. We support, help and care for each other to reach a higher ground together. We are open to new ideas, curious to explore the unknown and generous to share our expertise. We always collaborate with colleagues, customers, and partners to get smarter together.

Everyday pioneers

Innovation is in our DNA. Each day we advance the evolution of biometric security. With every product release and every customer issue we solve, the world gets a little bit safer. Our curiosity, customer-focus and grit help us break new grounds and lead the way in our industry.