Acconeer selects future-proof digital access control technology – YOUNiQ

Acconeer has selected YOUNiQ as their new office´s access control system, including YOUNiQ Access Permission in order to enable zones features. With flexibility, security, and safety at the top of their priorities list, YOUNiQ was the given choice.

“When choosing access system to our new office we looked for a balance between ease of access and security. YOUNiQ provides us with exactly the balance we want along with a very intuitive administration system. All our employees are very happy about their new TAG-less life.” says David Håkansson, Head of Customer Support at Acconeer.

“Acconeer wanted a modern access control system with features and functionality to keep them on the cutting-edge. The requirement was to have greater flexibility when setting access permissions for different zones, as well as the ability to accommodate frequent visits — compliant with the heightened degree of security demanded. The YOUNiQ web portal is more intuitive than other solutions they considered, making it more efficient to issue credentials, configure access permissions and adjust entry schedules.” says Alex Cately, Business Development Manager at Precise Biometrics.

Acconeer is a high-tech company that develops sensors for next generation portable devices.


About YOUNiQ

YOUNiQ integrates facial recognition with access control systems to provide convenient and secure access to facilities. The technology behind the product is based on artificial intelligence that confirms the individual’s identity through its unique facial features.


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