Aktuell Sikkerhet covers the RCO with YOUNiQ – solution


Aktuell Sikkerhet RCO YOUNiQ

In the latest issue of the Norwegian security magazine Aktuell Sikkerhet, we got the opportunity to highlight one of our RCO with YOUNiQ – users, Softhouse in Malmö, Sweden.

Stefan Johansson, CEO Softhouse, said:

– We had already been testing the system at our old premises. The access tag has worked fine, but now that we are used to not picking up the tag towards the reader, we realize how flexible this system is. RCO with YOUNiQ was also an obvious choice in our new office. Using the latest technology, in order to make it convenient for our employees, is an important signal that we are a company at the forefront of our field. As YOUNiQ is now integrated with RCO, we can use the already existing accesses that we have given our users in RCO M5. The opportunity to be invited, and to invite users, via a selfie to grant access directly without having to ring the doorbell is much appreciated!

Read the full story in the latest print issue of Aktuell Sikkerhet, or in the header image.