Algeco to include YOUNiQ in an upcoming project

Algeco offers rental space solutions in 25 countries across Europe and the Middle East, where they serve over 49.000 customers working in construction, infrastructure, industry, services, and administration with approximately 270.000 modular space and storage units leased through a network of more than 170 locations.

For several years Precise has been providing biometric access via YOUNiQ at Algeco´s modular space in Skellefteå, where construction is underway on one of Europe´s largest new industry facilities. Due to this successful execution of the solution, with over 3 million entries registered so far via YOUNiQ facial recognition (which is a successful biometric authentication every 30 seconds), the collaboration is evolving, as YOUNiQ will be installed at one of Algeco´s upcoming projects, where an additional five rigs are to be commissioned during 2023

“We have been very satisfied with the frictionless access solution that is used by our residents, as we do not need staff to manage key cards, nor the associated administration required when using physical tokens. For us, YOUNiQ was the obvious choice for this next project”, says Magnus Kjellin, Business Development Director, Algeco Nordics.

The residents and subcontractors, for the project, will be living in temporary modules developed by Algeco. Rooms are designed and organized to hotel standards and should meet customer requirements.

YOUNiQ is particularly practical for these housing modules and allows Algeco to maintain the high standards expected by workers and unions, as key cards or tags are not required for the constant flow of people who need access to their rooms during specific periods. The fully digital solution means that just one administrator is needed to manage multiple doors.

All invitations and registrations are managed online by the administrator and the residents themselves (for the registration process). This has helped to establish a contemporary environment, with a cost and time efficient access solution, built for the future.

“We are glad to extend our fruitful partnership with Algeco. The fusion of Algeco´s credibility and recognition in this industry and segment, and our competency in biometric access management, continues to bring innovative and secure experiences for the visitors ”, says Sarandis Kalogeropoulos, Director Sales YOUNiQ, Precise Biometrics.