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As a trusted leader with over 25 years of expertise, Precise offers reliable, high-performance biometric solutions tailored for the automotive industry.

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Biometrics for the automotive industry

The automotive industry is transforming rapidly with electrification, connected and self-driving cars, new security regulations, software defined vehicles (SDV), new service offerings, etc. Secure payments are key for many of these areas and biometric authentication with fingerprint is ideal to make this happen in a safe and seamless way. Other key areas for biometrics in the automotive space are car access, driver authentication, and personal settings.

Why biometrics and fingerprint authentication?

Using biometrics in the automotive space creates a safe and seamless experience. In addition, fingerprint authentication adds clear intent and is less sensitive to environmental factors such as sun glare, reflections, or shadows.

The Value of biometrics and fingerprint authentication:

  • Seamless user experience
  • Clear intent and low environmental sensitivity
  • Minimized driver distraction
  • Unrivalled security

Use cases

There are several different applications for biometrics in the automotive space, where secure payments is the key driving force.

  • In-car payments

  • Personal settings

  • Vehicle sharing

  • Access control

Payments in automotive

Secure payments is the key driving force for biometric fingerprint authentication in the automotive industry. It can be used for a broad range of services:

  • Media, games, utility apps
  • Car service, accessories & software updates
  • Fuel & EV charging
  • Road tolls, parking, etc

  • automotive insight

    Why Choose Precise as Your Automotive Biometric Partner?

    Precise is a trusted biometrics partner in the automotive sector, maintaining strong business relationships with several key industry players. Here are the reasons why Precise stands out:

    • A global leader and pioneer with 25+ years of biometrics expertise
    • A global footprint with offices on three continents offering local expertise
    • Our biometric product suite with algorithm products design for high performance and reliability
    • Out multi-modality approach (face, finger, and palm recognition) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) capabilities
    • A trusted automotive ecosystem partner, committed to delivering secure and seamless biometric solutions
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