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Looking back…and looking forward to 2021

As we start the holiday season, I – like many of you – have been reflecting on 2020, a year like no other. While the Covid-19 pandemic has overshadowed many aspects of our lives across the globe, thankfully there have also been successes and achievements to celebrate. And there is much to look forward to in 2021, starting with hope that the vaccination programs will mark the beginning of the end for Covid-19. Then we will be able to take the best of what we have learnt this year – a renewed focus on what is important to us in our personal lives as well as new and enhanced ways of working virtually – to merge this with what used to be everyday activities like meeting one another in person, to build a stronger future that’s more inclusive, fulfilling and effective for everyone.

As I’ve said many times this year, I’m incredibly proud of how the team at Precise has approached the challenges of 2020. Our business has proved itself to be robust and Covid-19 has consequently had a limited impact so we have been able to achieve goals we set out at the beginning of the year. Our mobile business continues to perform strongly and in our growing Digital Identity business, Precise YOUNiQ provides secure and convenient access to facilities thousands of times every day in more than 40 installations around Sweden, including temporary buildings, gyms and offices. Demand for our access product is increasing with interest from new customers and additional installations being requested from our existing customers as they experience the benefits first-hand.

I was personally delighted that we completed our move to new offices in Sweden last month. Our centre here in Lund showcases our technology, enhancing the work environment for colleagues and visitors alike. We are looking forward to welcoming many of you here in the coming months and for those of you eager to catch a glimpse of the new facilities, just head over to our new website homepage or our usual social media channels for a snapshot video of my colleague Arvin accessing the office in a touchless way.

In January I will be sharing more insight on how traditional access solutions can be given a digital upgrade, in our special webinar with Alan Goode from Goode Intelligence and Fredrik Sidhagen from RCO. Register to join us on 19th January to find out how you can enhance facility access convenience by leaving tags and keys behind while at the same time providing an extra layer of security. I’m looking forward to some great discussions!

But first we have the festive period to enjoy. Although it is different this year, I would like to wish you, your family and friends a safe and very Happy Christmas, and a prosperous New Year. I look forward to continuing our conversations in 2021.


Stefan K Persson – CEO

A strong end to 2020

Last month we reported a strong set of results for Q3 delivered by focusing on delivering value to our clients through our vision of secure, convenient identification – no matter who you are, where you are and what you do. Stefan K. Persson, CEO of Precise shares some recent highlights and the areas for focus in Q4.

2020 has been an eventful year and Q3 proved to be no exception for us here at Precise as we continued to make inroads in Digital Identity. Digital services increasingly require accurate user identification however registration processes are often complicated and users choose insecure passwords, leading to security and customer experience frustrations. So demand is growing for safer and easier methods of verifying digital identity. As our world becomes increasingly more interconnected, we are also using our digital identity in multiple channels and on a number of different devices, amplifying the need for secure and effective identification. An example of where our digital identity product is delivering significant value is biometric access to buildings and premises, where growth is being driven by trends such as security, sustainability, technological development and regulation.

Precise YOUNiQ provides secure and convenient access to facilities thousands of times every day in more than 40 installations around Sweden, including temporary buildings, gyms and offices. Demand for our access product is increasing with interest from new customers and additional installations being requested from our existing customers as they experience the benefits first-hand. This has had a positive impact on our Net Sales with Q3 being in line with the previous quarter as expected and increasing by 31.5 percent for the interim period as a whole. I’m delighted with these results and I’m proud of the entire Precise team for this achievement . The increased income achieved during the interim period combined with good cost controls has resulted in a stable financial position for the company, enabling continued investments in our prioritized areas. Looking forward, we’ll be focusing the efforts of our strengthened sales force to seize the considerable opportunities available.  In Sweden alone, we have identified an addressable market worth around SEK 1 billion by 2025. We are well positioned to embrace this opportunity and, along with our continued investment in Digital Identity, we are confident in our efforts to be the preferred supplier of identification software for secure and convenient identification.

The other areas of our business continue to perform strongly as well. As our Chief Financial Officer, Ulrik Nilsson says, “Our mobile business continues to generate a healthy profit and cash flow, keeping our cash position strong. We use the positive cash flow from mobile to fund our investments in growing Digital Identity. The business model for Digital Identity is a SaaS model and we continue to add new customers following our set strategy.”

In the Mobile area, we continue to see our product being integrated into devices from leading OEM manufacturers, such as Samsung. By taking greater responsibility for areas such as pre-processing we are additionally increasing our share of the value chain and strengthening joint positions together with our partners. There is still high demand for optical sensors, particularly in the medium and high-price segment, where we have a strong position.

Biometric Payment Cards continues to be an interesting area to watch and we are ready to capitalize on this market. As expected, none of the card issuers have produced these cards in any significant volumes yet but we are seeing some increased activity as a result of Covid-19. Banks are now preparing for commercial launches so we expect modest volumes to be produced over the next year.

In summary, it has been a good quarter and we’re excited for the opportunities that lie ahead for the remaining weeks of this year and in 2021!

Meeting the challenges of touchless entry through biometrics

As organizations continue to seek solutions that ensure safe, secure and convenient access for employees, members and visitors, harnessing the power of biometric technology for accessing facilities has become even more important this year. In line with the evolving ways of working and living during the COVID-19 pandemic, technologies that reduce the need to physically touch objects have become increasingly beneficial. Tom Søberg, CTO Precise Biometrics explains how Precise YOUNiQ for Access supports companies with entry that is secure, convenient and cost efficient using just a selfie that is integrated to the existing access system.

“The main challenge that our clients face around enabling access to their facilities is the handling of keys – traditional, physical keys or tokens.  People naturally lose them so new ones need to be made and reissued, or they forget to return them when they leave – a common problem for hotels and other accommodation providers – with a significant impact on receptionists and site managers who need to ensure close to 24×7 availability as well as increased costs. There is also now the added consideration of new behaviours that COVID-19 has brought such as the need for social distancing.  People naturally prefer not to wait in long queues with many others to collect their key when they check-in for instance.

“One of the clients we are working with – Temporary Space Nordics – provides housing modules for accommodation in temporary facilities, for example where a project is remote and needs its employees to be on site for a period of time. They have found that removing the need to handle keys at all is a significant time benefit and has really reduced this workload element – so they are very happy! The employees using the system have also realised how convenient it is to use facial recognition.  Initially, because it was a new technology that they hadn’t used before, some preferred to use the option of unlocking their room via a QR code but they quickly decided to change to Face once they saw how easy and secure it is to use!”

Can you share with us how Precise YOUNiQ for Access is helping organizations with challenges like these?

“Sure.  Our solution is fully integrated with booking system so for an organization like Temporary Space Nordics, when a person books a new room they automatically receive a digital onboarding link. All they need to do is to enter their name and take a selfie. When they arrive onsite, they simply go directly to their room and their face acts as their key – no need to wait and collect a physical key, and no inconvenience of having to carry a key around. Finally when they leave the facility there’s no inconvenient check-out process since there’s no physical key to return.

“With Precise’s solution, you don’t need any special types of camera or expensive hardware, simply standard surveillance security cameras which are widely available.  Precise YOUNiQ for Access is purely a software based solution making it cost effective compared to expensive alternatives which can bind you to high-priced hardware components.”

How do you ensure that only the right person gets access?

“This is really important. We have liveness detection powered by our complex algorithms to ensure that it is really the authorised person and that no-one without the correct permission enters. This separates out false or fake attempts such as using a cut-out photo or mask to try and gain access. Precise is an acknowledged world-leader in this technology so our clients are particularly well assured in the high levels of security that our solution provides alongside the seamless customer experience.”


Find out more by watching our Precise YOUNiQ use case video featuring Temporary Space Nordics.

Stepping strongly into autumn

Earlier this month Precise Biometrics reported its Q2 results with the team proudly delivering another period of strong development despite the challenges we all face in the wake of Covid-19. Stefan K. Persson, CEO of Precise shares some of the highlights and focus areas for the company in the months ahead..


The quarter has been an eventful one. I’m delighted that we have achieved the goals we set ourselves – making good profits, keeping a positive cash flow and continuing to invest in our Digital Identity solution, particularly as it has all been done against the ongoing challenge of operating in a Covid-19 world. I am proud of how everyone at Precise has pulled together, working in different ways during a time of uncertainty. Integrations of our BioMatch Mobile product in most ranges of mobile phones and tablets have been successfully carried out and we’ve made important steps in the development and commercialization of Precise YOUNiQ. We have seen this particularly for Access where the global pandemic has accelerated the need for contactless, secure and convenient identification solutions for access to buildings and premises. Our solution is ideal for companies who have staff or visitors who need to physically attend their premises. Without the need for expensive, cumbersome and time consuming processes to issue keys or other physical tags, authorised individuals are simply onboarded at a convenient time digitally. Then they can enter the facility easily via facial recognition which is matched against the selfie they provided during onboarding.  Importantly during this time of heightened hygiene, there is no need to touch anything in order to enter the facility – no pin pad or tags needed and you can be sure that only the right individual has been granted access.

Over the quarter we expanded our commercial installations of Precise YOUNiQ for access. One highlight is that our solution is now being used by Temporary Space, a company that provides temporary premises or ‘modules’ which are used at various construction sites, making their journey towards digitalization smoother, meeting the needs of their clients, staff and visitors alike. In addition, we are also implementing a number of proof-of-concepts with selected hospitals. This is an area where I feel we can really make a positive difference. Ensuring that authorised staff only have access to hospital storage area facilities is especially important and of course, a hygienic, no-touch solution reduces risks for those working in these environments. Seamless solutions are essential to make sure that time is always used effectively and not wasted by searching for a tag or getting a replacement for a damaged one.

A trend that Covid-19 has accelerated is the demand for contactless methods of payments and other processes, something that is set to continue into the future. Banks across the world have raised their limit for contactless payments to reduce the need to enter a PIN code on shared card terminals and avoid potential spread of infection. Consequently, many more card payments are now contactless which in turn is also driving the development of biometric cards. Our certified product is ready to be integrated into these biometric payment cards. While this will not happen immediately – we do not yet expect any major volumes of biometric cards from any of the card issuers in 2020 – it will be an exciting area to watch once card issuers can start to mass produce the cards to harness this innovation.

For the remaining months of this year our focus will be delivering value to our clients through our vision of secure, convenient identification – no matter who you are, where you are and what you do. Personally, I think this vision is more relevant now than ever and I’m looking forward to meeting the challenges of the weeks and months ahead with the strength, expertise and innovation of the Precise team.

Introducing our Summer 2020 employees

Each summer at Precise we say hello to some fresh faces and welcome back some familiar ones as we open our doors for our summer work program. “As always I’m inspired by the contributions, inquiring minds and range of skills that all our summer interns bring” says Stefan K. Persson, CEO, Precise. “Despite the extra challenges we are all facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s intake is no exception. I’m delighted to meet our new employees and to see that some from last summer have chosen to return again this year. I’m looking forward to hearing about their experiences here as well seeing the results of their great work!”

So let’s meet some of this year’s members and hear about what they are up to…

Olof Englund

“My name is Olof and I’m just about to start my last year in Engineering Physics with a focus on machine learning and image analysis. I got to do a summer internship at Precise last summer. It was really good and I’ve been working continuously at Precise ever since – it’s great to be back this summer!”

Hampus Sjöholm

“I’m Hampus and have just finished my first year of studying Computer Science at Lund University. I was born in Vienna, but have lived in Sweden my entire life, except for two and a half years when we lived in Shanghai. My Dad has been working at Precise for a couple years, and I’ve been helping the company out with smaller tasks every now and then. Everyone’s super nice and welcoming every time I come in to work, so I’ve been looking forward to this internship.”

Benjamin Music

“Hello, I’m Benjamin Music. I’m studying electrical engineering at Lund University. I was made aware of Precise by my father who is in the IT industry so I looked into the work that was being done here. As I researched the company and read about what it was doing, I knew I had to get involved – and here I am!”

Jake O’Donnell

“I’m Jake and I have just completed my Batchelor degree in Computer Science at Malmö University where I also will be studying for my Master’s degree after the summer break.”

Jennifer Ramkull

“My name is Jennifer. I’ve just finished my fourth year in electrical engineering at LTH. I’m now doing my Master’s degree in images and computer graphics.”

Hedvig Spenner Crona

“Hi, my name is Hedvig. I have just graduated from Lund University with a Bachelor of Business and Economics degree. Next semester I will be starting my Master’s degree in Managing People, Knowledge and Change at Lund University. Alongside my studies, I work as a Marketing Assistant for Precise Biometrics and over the summer I’m working full time here on marketing activities.”

Jason Tan

“My name is Jason and I recently completed my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at Malmö University. I’m now deciding between gaining some work experience or continuing to study towards a Master’s degree. So I am working as a summer intern with Precise before I make up my mind on what to do next for my future.”


How did you become aware of Precise and what attracted you to working for us?

Jason: “I came into contact with Precise during my thesis work along with my friend Jake. The company had reached out to our university about a thesis project which sounded interesting. We met with Precise and discussed the thesis project in more detail, eventually agreeing outcomes and how we could collaborate. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing pandemic we were not able to be in the office as much as we wanted, but we still managed to work together with our supervisors virtually to successfully complete the thesis. We were then both offered work at Precise over the summer to extend our experience which we were delighted to accept.”

Hedvig: “My friend worked with Precise Biometrics last year. She talked very positively about her work and I thought that the company sounded very interesting with exciting technology for today’s digital society. When I was in Sydney as an exchange student last year, she contacted me to say that Precise was looking for a new marketing assistant. As I love marketing and want to work in this field in the future, I was very interested and wrote to the current marketing assistant – a student at my university – to find out more about the role. It sounded fun, challenging and very rewarding, just what I was looking for. So, I applied for the job and couldn’t be happier with the role that I have today.”

Jennifer: “I was looking for a summer job early this year and came across Precise Biometrics. My research showed that the company is just in line with what I have been studying during my Master’s so it felt like the perfect fit.”


Tell us about what your role involves and what you are working on over the summer please.

Olof: “I am working closely with Jake, Jason and Benjamin on a couple of projects. This includes creating a visual feedback system for users entering a door, testing and improving small parts of the system and some configuration of an access system for temporary spaces. Building on my prior experience here at Precise I have taken on responsibility for the deadlines of various tasks, which is a good experience since I am learning to balance my technical focus with project management.”

Jennifer: “I am working on the image signal processor, exploring ideas on how to pre-process images of fingerprints to improve the actual fingerprint matching. I am mainly working in Python but also learning to implement my solutions in C.”

Hedvig: “My role supporting the marketing department is very diverse. It includes managing social media, coordinating events, developing content for our various platforms and working with my manager on marketing projects to support the sales team. No day is like another and that what makes my role so fun – I learn and gain experiences every day.”

Hampus: “Precise is switching its CRM system which is quite a big task. It involves making sure that all relevant data on contracts, companies and contacts is transferred correctly, as well as building a foundation for the sales team to track leads, sales trajectories and marketing campaigns. As this involves significant work in exporting, importing and “cleaning up” excel-files, our Sales department needs some help with all of this – that’s where I come in. I am also working on a market analysis report which I will present internally later in the summer.”


Has anything about the company surprised you?

Benjamin: “I have always had an image that CEOs, managers, directors and other senior employees are distant from other employees, not mingling with them. This pre-conception was shattered quickly. I might have thought this because of American movies. But suffice it to say, this was not the case at all!”

Jason: “The inclusiveness has struck me – everyone feels part of the company. Even though I am just a summer employee I have felt included and that the company trusted me from day one. For example, including me in meetings and having the chance to participate despite not having much to add at the start. It is truly a great company with great people!”

Olof: “I am glad to see new faces this summer despite the current COVID-19 situation and am pleasantly surprised to see more young talent getting the opportunity to work at this great company.”

Jake: “I’ve also been particularly inspired by the huge competence and enthusiasm shown by my co-workers.”

Hampus: “I’m quite surprised at how well they have been handling the corona-situation – many people have been working from home as much as possible, they’ve had lots of online meetings without technical issues, and have been able to work comprehensively with people they’ve never even met in real life (which would have been very difficult just a few months ago). I’m also pleasantly surprised that they’ve been able to offer so many summer internships in such a financially tough time, which is great for me!”


What’s been the best moment (so far) working here?

Jake: “Whenever a task has been completed or when a new part of a system has been developed and implemented in a successful manner it always feels good. I’ve enjoyed that!”

Benjamin: “The satisfaction of solving a problem that I’ve worked on for a couple of days. When it all just clicks it is the greatest feeling in the world!”

Jennifer: “The best moment so far has been getting positive feedback on the work I am doing! It is rewarding to run tests showing that my solutions actually make a difference.”

Hampus: “I got to visit a facility using the Precise YOUNiQ face-recognition, to see it in action and talk to the manager about their experience with it so far – this was very interesting and a good learning experience.”


And finally, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Hedvig: “I love to be with friends and family, go to the gym and being creative (video and image editing, cooking food, working with interior design at home etc.). I also love watching a good series when I come home after a long day.”

Jake: “I like to work on my own projects and drive cars.  On social media I enjoy following Elon Musk since I love cars, tech and rockets so he is the perfect guy to follow!”

Jason: “I like to hang out with friends and family as well as watching football. I usually watch our local team at the stadium with friends, sadly this has not happened for a while though. More recently I have been watching a lot of cooking related videos on YouTube even though I cannot cook very well – yet!

Jennifer: “I love working out! Most days I go straight to the gym after work.”

Benjamin: “I hang out with my friends. We play sports, video games and go out for coffee a lot!”

Hampus: “I like to play football, basketball and other sports, exercise (gym, running, spinning), cook and find new recipes. I’ve also played percussion in the past so music is a big part of my life. Hanging out with friends and playing video games is always fun as well!”

Olof: “I try to work out fairly often – either running or cycling. I also play some video games and enjoy having a cool drink in the sun…when the Swedish summer allows that!”


Are you looking for an internship or a company to write your thesis for your master’s degree with? If you are and think that Precise could be an interesting match, please send us your application at

The year ahead, a view from Stefan K. Persson

As we all adapt to working in a new Covid-19 world, Stefan K. Persson, CEO, Precise Biometrics shares his insight on what he feels the future will hold for Precise and the wider biometrics and identity industry…


These are strange times for us all.  At Precise we have just completed the cycle of reporting for our last financial year which was very successful across the board – from implementation of our new strategy to our team’s achievements and of course to meeting robust financial goals. So we’re really proud of what we delivered last year. But, like everyone else, we are now working in a time of uncertainty. Building on all the planning and testing we carried out before Covid-19 struck, our operation remains at 100 percent and I am proud of how everyone at Precise has pulled together. Working from home has enabled new and innovative ways to collaborate – team coffee breaks via Microsoft Teams, daily ‘stand up’ meetings and international office meetings each Friday to end the week between our teams in China, Sweden and the USA. The fantastic news is that despite the changing ways of working, we have already closed two new deals – all without actually meeting the clients in person! This is something I don’t think could have happened before Covid-19 and it’s something to consider more fully once we come through and are post-virus. How much can we do entirely in the digital world and reduce areas like international travel? How can we make remote and flexible working succeed for many more people than ever before?

Looking to the future, I see digital identity as being a key focus for us. The size of the opportunity cannot be underestimated and as we’re already seeing, the impact of COVID-19 is accelerating digital transformation across the world. We think this area has huge potential and will be the next big area of business for us in the longer term. It won’t happen immediately of course and in the short to medium term, our mobile phone business continues to be an important focus. The Precise YOUNiQ solution builds on our key strengths and highly regarded expertise in the mobile phone industry. Our focus for the coming months and years will be to continue the development of this product. Last year we successfully established Precise YOUNiQ through proof of concept pilots in our own offices and with some small selected customers in Sweden. We’re now expanding to customers across the Nordics with Precise YOUNiQ for access being used by the large gym group Friskis & Svettis, a solar cell technology company and a temporary space organisation that builds modules for facilities like oil rigs and windmills. Our solution is ideal for companies like these with high levels of members, temporary staff and visitors to their premises – no more expensive, cumbersome and time consuming processes to issue keys or other physical tags. Authorised personnel are simply onboarded at a convenient time digitally and then enter the facility easily via facial recognition which is matched against the selfie they provided during onboarding.  Importantly during this time of heightened hygiene, there is no need to touch anything in order to enter the facility – no pin pad, no tags. And you can be sure that the right person only has been granted access.

One of the interesting pilots we are currently carrying out is in hospital storage area facilities. It is even more important right now to ensure that only authorised staff have access to these lockers so that stock levels are accurately accounted for. Precise YOUNiQ makes sure that the lockers can be accessed safely, securely and conveniently without the need to touch anything except the supplies being collected.

We are now starting discussions with potential customers in Asia, demonstrating the simplicity and security of Precise YOUNiQ through our office there and we’ll look to start pilots internationally as well as engaging with larger customers. Our vision is that no matter who you are, where you are or what you are doing, you should always have access to your digital identity, controlled by you, securely and easily.

The impact of the virus will also be seen in areas such as biometric smartcards where there is a clear benefit in being able to make cashless payments without capped spending limits in a touchless, hygienic way. However the ecosystem is a complex one and I foresee significant price pressure to come. While we’ll see some small volumes from later this year, our expectation is that real volumes are a couple of years away. As well as getting the price point right, the industry needs to deliver an excellent customer experience, so for now it’s all about stabilising the quality to deliver that fantastic, secure experience.

Finally for the year ahead we’ll be continuing to deliver our financial objectives, keeping our foundations robust, so we can ensure sustained growth into the future. I am certainly positive that with our great team we’ll be ready for all the challenges and opportunities this year brings.

If you would like to hear more, the Annual Report is now available to read online in Swedish and English and you can view our video with Stefan (in Swedish).

Using biometric technology with digital onboarding to enable smooth and secure facility access

As challenges continue for many organizations in enabling access for employees, members and visitors to their facilities and workplaces, Precise Biometrics showcased its innovative technology that makes facility access easy at Fastighetsmässan & Säkerhet Syd 2020 in Malmö, Sweden. Sarandis Kalogeropoulos, Director Sales/ Business Development, shares his insight from the event on the latest trends and opportunities in this growing market…

“Last month’s Fastighetsmässan & Säkerhet Syd 2020 was a new event for us at Precise and great opportunity for us to share Precise YOUNiQ for access, our flexible and easy solution which allows you to simply walk in to your office, gym or other facility with a selfie” says Sarandis Kalogeropoulos, Senior Manager Sales/Business Development.

“Everyone who visited our stand had common issues around credential cards and access tags – the amount of time it takes to handle them, the admin costs and security concerns since they find that they can easily be used by people not authorized to enter a building. Our on-site demo therefore was a real talking point as it clearly showed how easy the Precise YOUNiQ solution is to use, with facial recognition removing the need for access cards or tags, enhancing security, convenience and reducing costs, particularly as it can be integrated with a customer’s existing access system.

“For instance, if an organization is in the process of buying a number of security cameras for its facility, then just one of these can be installed in such a way that it can also be utilized for access – it’s very cost effective!”

Remind us with a quick ‘crash course’ about how Precise YOUNiQ works please

“Of course. Imagine you have a new employee starting at your company. There’s just four easy steps to follow: firstly you need to send them a link to digitally onboard to the access system. This link takes the employee to a web app, where they provide YOUNiQ with a selfie (similar to the normal procedure when starting a new job when someone will take a photo of you, only this is done at a time convenient to the employee). Depending on local requirements, identity is also added if required for further security. Next the selfie is transformed into a biometric template and securely stored in a server connected to the camera at the facility’s entrance.  Finally when the person arrives at the facility, the camera will live video stream them approaching. As the system recognizes the individual, the door opens automatically with no need to stand and wait. The process for visitors is very similar – all quick, convenient and secure.

“As you can imagine, this type of solution is perfect when you want to give access to people when your reception desk is closed, for instance if members want to use their gym early before they go to work, or employees want to come into the office outside of the usual hours. It is also ideal for overcoming the issues and effort for providing access cards or tags for temporary visits, particularly where a person needs to visit several times over a relatively short period e.g. short term contract employees like summer workers. The usual initiation process is especially cumbersome in these instances and has a high administration cost. We’re proud to offer facial recognition as a third option.”

What was your key take-away from the event?

“The mobile phone or device is becoming increasingly important in enabling facility access. This is natural of course since the mobile industry is the most digital right now with cars just starting to get connected. In the future, as Real Estate catches up, we’ll see much more digitalisation of buildings with a new focus on convenience for individuals, in tangent with the security priorities. So there’s lots of opportunity here for Real Estate managers to modernise facility access and for the biometrics industry to deliver creative solutions to enhance customer experience without compromising security.”

Friskis & Svettis in Lund, Sweden to install Precise YOUNiQ – Access

At Precise we’re excited to share the news that another partner, Friskis & Svettis in Lund, is now testing out Precise’s product for facility access to its gym during unattended reception hours. Precise YOUNiQ – Access is being integrated with the gym’s door access system to ensure convenient and secure access to the premises, as it is the perfect solution for gyms with an unattended reception at times but do not want to restrict members to limited opening hours when reception staff are available.

With our passion for innovation, we work continuously to develop new products that meet customers’ demands. We understand that it is difficult for companies to make sure that only authorized individuals enter premises with cards, tags or key sets since they can be lost or borrowed and used by others, so we have developed Precise YOUNiQ – Access to address this problem.

Gym facilities such as Friskis & Svettis’ provide members with convenient opening hours to an unattended gym but there is no way of guaranteeing that only members are entering and that cards are not lent to others. A biometric access system is therefore more convenient and secure, for both the users and facility owner than traditional key sets and tags. An access facility system based on biometrics ensures that individual users, in this case the gym members, are the only ones granted access with the added convenience that they do not need to carry around cards, tags or keys.

Authentication is core to Precise and our company’s products are used hundreds of millions of times every day by people all over the world. Our user-friendly, secure and cost-effective software makes the process of recognizing an individual and granting them access effortless. A user is simply invited by the facility manager to register with the access system via an online link by taking a selfie on their own device. This reduces admin costs in managing the access system and avoids the need to issue and renew traditional cards or tags to members when they join or extend their membership. The user-friendly online tool enables facility managers – such as gym owners – to easily grant or restrict authorization for access to their premises and convenient monitoring.

Friskis & Svettis in Lund, Sweden is the second gym to install and test the Precise YOUNiQ access system following CrossFit Täby which was the first to install the system in a pilot test launched in 2019.

Delivering excellence through great customer support

Precise Biometrics’ newest office in Shanghai was established just over a year ago to enhance support for its customers in Asia. Led by Matthew Bai, Customer Program Manager, a strong pipeline of business is in place and the team has been extended to support the company’s major new customers in the region. We spoke to Matthew to hear about the progress he is making…


Tell us a little about your role please and what a typical working day looks like.

I’ve worked here in Shanghai as the Customer Program Manager for Precise since November 2018. My key focus is to make sure that we have excellent support here for our customers in Asia – establishing and growing the team we need here in the region and working closely with our customers. As the main contact for customers I have a daily sync-up with them and work closely with the whole team to make sure we are creating great solutions together.

What do you like best about working for Precise?

I really enjoy the working environment and friendliness of the people here. The team is full of expertise and works well together. I like that everyone is so professional, has a lot of experience and can solve challenges really quickly – that makes my work a lot easier!

What are you most proud of achieving while working with Precise?

My goal is to provide great levels of customer service and I’m proud of what we’ve been able to achieve through the Shanghai office so far.  I’m delighted that we have successfully built a great team here and that our customers are happy with the support we deliver. In the end that will secure and extend business opportunities with our customers, which is what we are here to achieve.

What benefits have your customers seen from Precise opening up the new office in Shanghai?

The key benefit is that engineers are closer and can respond quickly when a customer needs support. Now we are located in the region we operate in, we’re in the same time zone so can often be on site within half a day for something urgent. This makes a real difference for customers given the fast development of projects they are engaged in.

Walk-in with a selfie: making facility access convenient and secure – an interview with Joakim Langhard, one of the owners of CrossFit Täby

Following the successful launch of Precise YOUNiQ for access last year, we spoke to Joakim Langhard, one of the owners of CrossFit Täby in Stockholm, Sweden where the new technology is being piloted. Using facial recognition, employees, visitors and members can now be conveniently and securely granted access to the gym and its facilities.

Tell us about CrossFit Täby and the challenges you face in enabling access to your gym?

At CrossFit Täby we are specialists in CrossFit training, providing expertise for all our members – young and old, from beginners to contestants in the discipline – with knowledge and health as our central focus. It’s a busy gym as we provide several instructor-led workouts each day as well as an open gym for our members to use as they wish with a rig and free weight area plus weight and exercise machines.

Our staff are available from Tuesday – Friday from 10.00 – 15.00. We know however that not all of our members can attend the gym at these times so the facility is open for them to use at any time between 05:00 and 23:00 to suit their personal schedules. The challenge we’ve been trying to overcome is that once a customer buys their membership via our website, they then have to come here to meet one of our staff to be registered and provided with a security access tag which allows them to enter the gym. As well as taking time, this just isn’t convenient for our customers.

Then, once members or new employees have been granted access in this way, they will sometimes lose or forget their access tag, so a new or temporary one has to be issued – with further inconvenience and admin costs. Finally, even though the initial process of access and identity checking has been carried out correctly, you simply can’t be certain that the correct person has entered by relying on this method of using the tag since they can be stolen or borrowed, allowing the wrong person to enter.

How is using Precise YOUNiQ helping to solve these challenges?

Precise YOUNiQ will make it much easier for us by remotely asking a customer or new staff member to register their face and linking them to an account in our access system. They can subsequently gain access using the facial recognition system without us having to meet them in person to issue a tag and they won’t need to worry about losing or forgetting it.

What benefits are you expecting as a result of using Precise YOUNiQ?

By using this facial recognition system we’ll have greater security; stolen tags can’t be used to access the facilities and members cannot lend their tag to friends or relatives. Plus we will no longer have the issue of members not being able to enter the gym if they have lost or forgotten their security tag.  It is also helping us to be more efficient and improves the experience for our members, for example as a member approaches the camera and they are recognized, they will be automatically checked in on one of our training sessions. Even if several members walk through the door at the same time, the facial recognition system will be able to identify all the members correctly enabling the system to process their access in line with their membership and training card. It’s a very smooth experience for everyone!

What are the next steps for the pilot?

At the moment we are piloting the system with the gym management and coaches. The next step is to integrate Precise YOUNiQ with our access and gym system for members. We are in a close dialogue with the Precise team and there will be some updates going forward, such as an admin tool to enable a convenient and secure remote enrolment for our members. Once the new software is implemented we’ll be moving on to test the systems together with our own access system. Exciting times are ahead and I’m looking forward to sharing the new access system and all the benefits it brings with our members once we are ready to start using it with everyone.