Biometric Technology Blog

Biometric Technology Blog

The biometric year of 2018

2018 is coming to an end and it sure has been an eventful year in biometrics. During the year, capacitive sensors were increasingly replaced in high-end smartphones by new sensor technologies such as optical and ultrasound.

New white paper: Biometric Payments Come of Age

Biometrics has become an important tool in the fight against fraud in almost all payment channels. Payments have been the major driving force for the wide-scale adoption of biometrics in the consumer market. Today, close to

Soon biometrics will be everywhere

Stefan K Persson joined Precise Biometrics as CEO in August 2018, after almost four years at Bang & Olufsen as Executive Vice President. In this blog post, he shares some of his thoughts on biometrics and



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Jan. 2, 2019 Press release

Member of Precise Biometrics' board buys shares

Mats Lindoff, member of the board of Precise Biometrics, has today purchased 75.000 shares in Precise Biometrics.  FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, PLEASE…
Dec. 27, 2018 Press release

Precise Biometrics’ R&D Director buys shares

Fredrik Clementson, R&D Director of Precise Biometrics, has today purchased 50.000 shares in Precise Biometrics.   FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACTStefan…
Dec. 21, 2018 Press release

Precise Biometrics chairman of the board buys shares

Torgny Hellström, chairman of the board of Precise Biometrics, has today, through his company purchased 150,000 shares in Precise Biometrics.…