Biometric Technology Blog

Biometric Technology Blog

Meeting the challenges of touchless entry through biometrics

As organizations continue to seek solutions that ensure safe, secure and convenient access for employees, members and visitors, harnessing the power of biometric technology for accessing facilities has become even more important this year. In line

Stepping strongly into autumn

Earlier this month Precise Biometrics reported its Q2 results with the team proudly delivering another period of strong development despite the challenges we all face in the wake of Covid-19. Stefan K. Persson, CEO of Precise

Introducing our Summer 2020 employees

Each summer at Precise we say hello to some fresh faces and welcome back some familiar ones as we open our doors for our summer work program. “As always I’m inspired by the contributions, inquiring minds

The year ahead, a view from Stefan K. Persson

As we all adapt to working in a new Covid-19 world, Stefan K. Persson, CEO, Precise Biometrics shares his insight on what he feels the future will hold for Precise and the wider biometrics and identity




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Nov. 13, 2020 English

Future growth based on financial strength

Oct. 20, 2020 Corporate Information

Precise identification software integrated in open cloud-based platform for access control

Precise has successfully integrated its product for access to facilities with Telcred Access Manager, a cloud-based access control system supporting…
Aug. 26, 2020 Corporate Information

Precise enters partnership with RCO Security

Precise has entered into an agreement with RCO Security AB – a leading security company that develops, manufactures and sells…