The biometric year of 2018

2018 is coming to an end and it sure has been an eventful year in biometrics. During the year, capacitive sensors were increasingly replaced in high-end smartphones by new sensor technologies such as optical and ultrasound. Several smartphones with edge-to-edge displays were launched with innovative under display fingerprint sensing technology – improving the user experience of our handheld devices.

In 2018 several major pilot projects with biometric payment cards were carried out around the world. The evaluations of these pilots have been positive and showed that biometric payment cards provide a good user experience and that customers find fingerprint authentication safer than PIN-code. Next year we can expect the first commercial launches of biometric payment cards.

We have also seen an increased demand for multi-biometrics. As we use digital services where we need to log-in, make payments and transactions, so the need to protect our digital identity increases. In order to perform authentication securely at any time, with any application or service, we need new types of solutions that go beyond the ways we authenticate today, where we only use fingerprint, face or pin code.

We are excited to see what next year will bring for biometrics but before we step into 2019, we have the holidays coming up and at Precise Biometrics we enjoy good reading for this occasion. These are the top three, most-read blog posts from our blog during 2018, so we think they’re worth reading again!


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And, don’t miss the “Biometric Payments Come of Age” webinar on January 22, 4 PM CET, with Fredrik Sjöholm, Precise Biometrics, Sara Ellinger, NXP, Lina Andolf-Orup from Fingerprint Cards and Alan Goode, CEO & Chief Analyst at Goode Intelligence to learn about the latest developments in biometric payments with up-to-date information on biometric payment cards from three vendors actively involved in this latest biometric payment technology.



Best wishes for a happy holiday season and a Happy New Year!