Soon biometrics will be everywhere

Stefan K Persson joined Precise Biometrics as CEO in August 2018, after almost four years at Bang & Olufsen as Executive Vice President. In this blog post, he shares some of his thoughts on biometrics and … Continued

New certification program to secure biometric solutions

As our mobile devices are becoming our personal authenticators to payment and other sensitive applications there is a growing demand for stronger authentication. We are increasingly using biometrics to verify our identity as they are more … Continued

Alan Goode – My thoughts on the inaugural Goode Intelligence Biometric Summit

Last week, innovative companies in biometrics were brought together at the Goode Intelligence Biometric Summit, in London. In this guest post the event host, Alan Goode, shares some of his thoughts on the topics that were … Continued

Biometric payment cards in focus – impressions from Money20/20 Europe

Last week, the largest Fintech event in Europe, Money20/20, was held in Amsterdam, with more than 5000 visitors and 1500 companies attending. Precise Biometrics was on site to discuss biometric payment cards and to catch up … Continued

New whitepaper explains the next big thing in biometrics

Biometric payment cards are promising to be the next big thing in biometrics. This year, we have seen several developments indicating that we are edging closer to the first commercial launch. Global payment giant VISA, for … Continued

Fingerprint sensing in and under display – what’s the difference?

R&D Director, Fredrik Clementson explains the difference between in and under display fingerprint sensing, watch video: New mobile design with slick and user-friendly edge-to-edge displays is paving way for new sensor technologies. Ultrasound and optical fingerprint sensors … Continued

We have exciting times ahead of us – Interview with Senior Sales Director, Fredrik Sjöholm

Today we’ve published our Annual Report for 2017. Besides the financial overview of 2017 it contains some interesting reading about the fingerprint market development and our business. One sample is the interview below with Fredrik Sjöholm … Continued

Industry webinar: Growing use of the mobile device calls for strong biometric security

The panelists at the industry publication Find Biometrics’ recent webinar agreed that the growing use of the mobile device as a personal authenticator increases the requirements for secure biometrics. The seamless combination of fingerprint technology with … Continued

Survey: Under display fingerprint sensing opens up for larger sensor sizes and improved user convenience

In a survey conducted by Precise Biometrics among its customers, which entails the leading vendors of optical and ultrasound fingerprint sensors, respondents highlight that under display fingerprint sensing will lead to larger sensor sizes than today. … Continued

In- and under display fingerprint sensors creates new market opportunities – Interview with Fredrik Clementson, R&D Director

“The emergence of optical and ultrasound fingerprint sensors is one of the most exciting and disruptive technology leaps within biometrics that I have seen in my ten years of working with technology development here at Precise … Continued