Ground-breaking anti-spoofing capability and next-generation ultrasound sensors created fingerprint buzz at MWC Shanghai

The tag line for Mobile World Congress 2017 in Shanghai was “The Human Element”, addressing what mobile products and services will shape our human behaviour in the future. The event was also an attest to the focus on the need of secure and trustworthy identity authentication, considering that the majority of all transactions by 2020 are expected to be performed though biometric authentication, primarily via fingerprint sensors in mobile devices. Our launch, in conjunction with MWC, of a security suite with state-of-the art spoof and liveness detection capability integrated into our fingerprint matching software for mobile devices, Precise BioMatch Mobile as the main feature, resulted in extensive coverage in a long line of leading Chinese tech and business media, creating a positive buzz around our commitment to secure mobile payments (read more about the launch here).

Another launch at Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2017 drawing lots of interest and buzz was our sensor partner Qualcomm Technologies’, Qualcomm® Fingerprint Sensors, next-generation ultrasonic fingerprint solutions, which also include our industry leading software Precise BioMatch Mobile. The solutions are upgraded with new features and improvements from the previous generation of Qualcomm Snapdragon Sense ID fingerprint technology. The suite consists of sensors for mounting under display, glass and metal, also providing detection of directional gestures, underwater fingerprint match and device wake up. This development enables OEM’s to discard the cut-outs  in the smartphone casing, creating more appealing, cost effective and at the same time durable devices. Qualcomm and Vivo did an attention-drawing demonstration at MWC Shanghai, performing an under-water fingerprint matching on a prototype of the existing Vivo Xplay6 smartphone.

Our fingerprint matching software being integrated in Qualcomm’s next-generation ultrasound sensor technology confirms that Precise Biometrics is the preferred partner when it comes to pushing the industry boundaries for convenience and security.