Introducing our Summer 2020 employees

Each summer at Precise we say hello to some fresh faces and welcome back some familiar ones as we open our doors for our summer work program. “As always I’m inspired by the contributions, inquiring minds and range of skills that all our summer interns bring” says Stefan K. Persson, CEO, Precise. “Despite the extra challenges we are all facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s intake is no exception. I’m delighted to meet our new employees and to see that some from last summer have chosen to return again this year. I’m looking forward to hearing about their experiences here as well seeing the results of their great work!”

So let’s meet some of this year’s members and hear about what they are up to…

Olof Englund

“My name is Olof and I’m just about to start my last year in Engineering Physics with a focus on machine learning and image analysis. I got to do a summer internship at Precise last summer. It was really good and I’ve been working continuously at Precise ever since – it’s great to be back this summer!”

Hampus Sjöholm

“I’m Hampus and have just finished my first year of studying Computer Science at Lund University. I was born in Vienna, but have lived in Sweden my entire life, except for two and a half years when we lived in Shanghai. My Dad has been working at Precise for a couple years, and I’ve been helping the company out with smaller tasks every now and then. Everyone’s super nice and welcoming every time I come in to work, so I’ve been looking forward to this internship.”

Benjamin Music

“Hello, I’m Benjamin Music. I’m studying electrical engineering at Lund University. I was made aware of Precise by my father who is in the IT industry so I looked into the work that was being done here. As I researched the company and read about what it was doing, I knew I had to get involved – and here I am!”

Jake O’Donnell

“I’m Jake and I have just completed my Batchelor degree in Computer Science at Malmö University where I also will be studying for my Master’s degree after the summer break.”

Jennifer Ramkull

“My name is Jennifer. I’ve just finished my fourth year in electrical engineering at LTH. I’m now doing my Master’s degree in images and computer graphics.”

Hedvig Spenner Crona

“Hi, my name is Hedvig. I have just graduated from Lund University with a Bachelor of Business and Economics degree. Next semester I will be starting my Master’s degree in Managing People, Knowledge and Change at Lund University. Alongside my studies, I work as a Marketing Assistant for Precise Biometrics and over the summer I’m working full time here on marketing activities.”

Jason Tan

“My name is Jason and I recently completed my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at Malmö University. I’m now deciding between gaining some work experience or continuing to study towards a Master’s degree. So I am working as a summer intern with Precise before I make up my mind on what to do next for my future.”


How did you become aware of Precise and what attracted you to working for us?

Jason: “I came into contact with Precise during my thesis work along with my friend Jake. The company had reached out to our university about a thesis project which sounded interesting. We met with Precise and discussed the thesis project in more detail, eventually agreeing outcomes and how we could collaborate. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing pandemic we were not able to be in the office as much as we wanted, but we still managed to work together with our supervisors virtually to successfully complete the thesis. We were then both offered work at Precise over the summer to extend our experience which we were delighted to accept.”

Hedvig: “My friend worked with Precise Biometrics last year. She talked very positively about her work and I thought that the company sounded very interesting with exciting technology for today’s digital society. When I was in Sydney as an exchange student last year, she contacted me to say that Precise was looking for a new marketing assistant. As I love marketing and want to work in this field in the future, I was very interested and wrote to the current marketing assistant – a student at my university – to find out more about the role. It sounded fun, challenging and very rewarding, just what I was looking for. So, I applied for the job and couldn’t be happier with the role that I have today.”

Jennifer: “I was looking for a summer job early this year and came across Precise Biometrics. My research showed that the company is just in line with what I have been studying during my Master’s so it felt like the perfect fit.”


Tell us about what your role involves and what you are working on over the summer please.

Olof: “I am working closely with Jake, Jason and Benjamin on a couple of projects. This includes creating a visual feedback system for users entering a door, testing and improving small parts of the system and some configuration of an access system for temporary spaces. Building on my prior experience here at Precise I have taken on responsibility for the deadlines of various tasks, which is a good experience since I am learning to balance my technical focus with project management.”

Jennifer: “I am working on the image signal processor, exploring ideas on how to pre-process images of fingerprints to improve the actual fingerprint matching. I am mainly working in Python but also learning to implement my solutions in C.”

Hedvig: “My role supporting the marketing department is very diverse. It includes managing social media, coordinating events, developing content for our various platforms and working with my manager on marketing projects to support the sales team. No day is like another and that what makes my role so fun – I learn and gain experiences every day.”

Hampus: “Precise is switching its CRM system which is quite a big task. It involves making sure that all relevant data on contracts, companies and contacts is transferred correctly, as well as building a foundation for the sales team to track leads, sales trajectories and marketing campaigns. As this involves significant work in exporting, importing and “cleaning up” excel-files, our Sales department needs some help with all of this – that’s where I come in. I am also working on a market analysis report which I will present internally later in the summer.”


Has anything about the company surprised you?

Benjamin: “I have always had an image that CEOs, managers, directors and other senior employees are distant from other employees, not mingling with them. This pre-conception was shattered quickly. I might have thought this because of American movies. But suffice it to say, this was not the case at all!”

Jason: “The inclusiveness has struck me – everyone feels part of the company. Even though I am just a summer employee I have felt included and that the company trusted me from day one. For example, including me in meetings and having the chance to participate despite not having much to add at the start. It is truly a great company with great people!”

Olof: “I am glad to see new faces this summer despite the current COVID-19 situation and am pleasantly surprised to see more young talent getting the opportunity to work at this great company.”

Jake: “I’ve also been particularly inspired by the huge competence and enthusiasm shown by my co-workers.”

Hampus: “I’m quite surprised at how well they have been handling the corona-situation – many people have been working from home as much as possible, they’ve had lots of online meetings without technical issues, and have been able to work comprehensively with people they’ve never even met in real life (which would have been very difficult just a few months ago). I’m also pleasantly surprised that they’ve been able to offer so many summer internships in such a financially tough time, which is great for me!”


What’s been the best moment (so far) working here?

Jake: “Whenever a task has been completed or when a new part of a system has been developed and implemented in a successful manner it always feels good. I’ve enjoyed that!”

Benjamin: “The satisfaction of solving a problem that I’ve worked on for a couple of days. When it all just clicks it is the greatest feeling in the world!”

Jennifer: “The best moment so far has been getting positive feedback on the work I am doing! It is rewarding to run tests showing that my solutions actually make a difference.”

Hampus: “I got to visit a facility using the Precise YOUNiQ face-recognition, to see it in action and talk to the manager about their experience with it so far – this was very interesting and a good learning experience.”


And finally, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Hedvig: “I love to be with friends and family, go to the gym and being creative (video and image editing, cooking food, working with interior design at home etc.). I also love watching a good series when I come home after a long day.”

Jake: “I like to work on my own projects and drive cars.  On social media I enjoy following Elon Musk since I love cars, tech and rockets so he is the perfect guy to follow!”

Jason: “I like to hang out with friends and family as well as watching football. I usually watch our local team at the stadium with friends, sadly this has not happened for a while though. More recently I have been watching a lot of cooking related videos on YouTube even though I cannot cook very well – yet!

Jennifer: “I love working out! Most days I go straight to the gym after work.”

Benjamin: “I hang out with my friends. We play sports, video games and go out for coffee a lot!”

Hampus: “I like to play football, basketball and other sports, exercise (gym, running, spinning), cook and find new recipes. I’ve also played percussion in the past so music is a big part of my life. Hanging out with friends and playing video games is always fun as well!”

Olof: “I try to work out fairly often – either running or cycling. I also play some video games and enjoy having a cool drink in the sun…when the Swedish summer allows that!”


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