Looking back…and looking forward to 2021

As we start the holiday season, I – like many of you – have been reflecting on 2020, a year like no other. While the Covid-19 pandemic has overshadowed many aspects of our lives across the globe, thankfully there have also been successes and achievements to celebrate. And there is much to look forward to in 2021, starting with hope that the vaccination programs will mark the beginning of the end for Covid-19. Then we will be able to take the best of what we have learnt this year – a renewed focus on what is important to us in our personal lives as well as new and enhanced ways of working virtually – to merge this with what used to be everyday activities like meeting one another in person, to build a stronger future that’s more inclusive, fulfilling and effective for everyone.

As I’ve said many times this year, I’m incredibly proud of how the team at Precise has approached the challenges of 2020. Our business has proved itself to be robust and Covid-19 has consequently had a limited impact so we have been able to achieve goals we set out at the beginning of the year. Our mobile business continues to perform strongly and in our growing Digital Identity business, Precise YOUNiQ provides secure and convenient access to facilities thousands of times every day in more than 40 installations around Sweden, including temporary buildings, gyms and offices. Demand for our access product is increasing with interest from new customers and additional installations being requested from our existing customers as they experience the benefits first-hand.

I was personally delighted that we completed our move to new offices in Sweden last month. Our centre here in Lund showcases our technology, enhancing the work environment for colleagues and visitors alike. We are looking forward to welcoming many of you here in the coming months and for those of you eager to catch a glimpse of the new facilities, just head over to our new website homepage www.precisebiometrics.com or our usual social media channels for a snapshot video of my colleague Arvin accessing the office in a touchless way.

In January I will be sharing more insight on how traditional access solutions can be given a digital upgrade, in our special webinar with Alan Goode from Goode Intelligence and Fredrik Sidhagen from RCO. Register to join us https://events.eventzilla.net/e/you-are-the-key-for-touchless-building-entry-2138784285 on 19th January to find out how you can enhance facility access convenience by leaving tags and keys behind while at the same time providing an extra layer of security. I’m looking forward to some great discussions!

But first we have the festive period to enjoy. Although it is different this year, I would like to wish you, your family and friends a safe and very Happy Christmas, and a prosperous New Year. I look forward to continuing our conversations in 2021.


Stefan K Persson – CEO

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  1. Christer Jönsson says:

    Hej Stefan!
    Undrar så om Du för fram Precise som garant för att nu planerade vaccinationsintyg säkerställer att den person som uppvisar ett intyg också är den ende som kan nyttja just detta intyg. Har den myndighet, som skall leda och administrera vaccinationsintygen kunskap om hur man skall gå tillväga? Det duger inte att utfärda intygen på samma sätt som pass och körkort. Alltför många har kunnat utkvittera bubbla eller mångdubbla identiteter och utnyttja dem! Då Precise är marknadsledande i identifikationssäkerhet, borde kontakt tas med aktuell myndighet. Skulle YOUNIC kunna nyttjas med sin “live” finger-/ansiktsigenkännning i kombination med vaccinationsintygen, vore det är bättre. Så frågan är: Har Du redan tagit kontakt med myndigheten och presenterat möjligheterna, eller Du på gång? Då det även rör som om ett internationellt genombrott för ett gemensamt intyg/pass, är det än mer angeläget att Precise Biometrics tar del i säkerhetsarbetet . MVH

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