Making fingerprint recognition a sure thing: interview with Senior Service Manager, Norman Tung

Taiwan-based Norman Tung leads Precise Biometrics’ team for integration support. His job is to turn complex integration into a smooth and timely process, making sure that fingerprint algorithms and other applications function flawlessly together in an impenetrable environment. Now he is working with several projects within new product areas for fingerprint technology.

Whether you need to unlock a smartphone or log in to a payment app, the process and the data used for a secure matching must be one hundred percent uncompromised and trustworthy.

TEE, Trusted Execution Environment, is a powerful solution to counter the rise of identity theft and financial fraud. TEE is an impenetrable and limited area in the main processor of a mobile device, loaded with security credentials and biometric as well as other data. Within the TEE fingerprint recognition is executed with the highest possible security.

What Senior Service Manager Norman Tung doesn’t know about the process of integrating Trusted Applications in a TEE is probably not worth knowing.
“I work together with all the players in our ecosystem to make the integration and testing easy and efficient so that it won’t impact on the schedule for mass production”, says Norman Tung.

He transfers know-how and is the go-to expert for sensor vendors, third party service providers and of course the OEMs and ODM’s. One important area that Norman is working on right now is payment services. “I am working with our TEE-partner to implement our Trusted Applications for payment services in TEE. Payments is an area which will grow the coming years”.

Norman has been part of the Precise Biometrics operation in Taiwan and China for six months, but he has years of qualified experience of working with sales and integration of Trusted Applications in TEEs at Trustonic. In his work with Precise Biometrics’ ecosystem he can thus benefit from his personal network and his knowledge about customer requirements and expectations in the mobile and consumer electronics industry.

When it comes to the emerging market of new product areas for fingerprint technology Norman feels very optimistic. He draws a sharp rising curve when he wants to show his market predictions. “Our algorithm solution Precise BioMatch Embedded’s ability to execute on limited memory, battery capacity and storage makes us uniquely positioned to meet the customers’ requirements”.

Norman is currently involved in several projects working to meet the requirements of customers and coordinating with third parties, such as vendors of microcontroller units, Secure Elements and support. The challenge in the field of new product areas for fingerprint technology is to develop a systems architecture for fingerprint recognition that is effective in restricted environments such as Secure Elements for smart cards and wearables, providing a convenient user experience with bank-grade security. “If someone can do it, I believe it’s Precise Biometrics”, says Norman Tung.