Meet Our New Colleague Patrick Conley!

Welcome to the Precise family Patrick!

Tell us about yourself, your role and what excites you about joining Precise at this time?

I’m a Senior Account Executive at PB, handling sales for the central and western US. My role predominantly revolves around Business Development, allowing me the opportunity to cultivate strong relationships within our expansive and ever-growing customer base and partner network. What excites me about joining Precise Biometrics at this time is the opportunity to be at the forefront of shaping the future of security and authentication.

You joined Precise just a few weeks ago, what are your first impressions of the company?

Since joining Precise Biometrics, my first impressions of the company have been overwhelmingly positive. The culture here is incredibly dynamic and collaborative, which has made settling in seamless. I’m impressed by the level of innovation and dedication that permeates every aspect of our work. The emphasis on fostering strong relationships with customers and partners aligns perfectly with personal strategy. I’m excited to be part of a team that’s at the forefront of biometric technology and making a real impact in the industry.

What will you be focusing on at Precise in your new role over the coming quarter?

In my new role at Precise Biometrics, I’ll be focusing on driving sales growth and expanding our market presence in the central and western US. This involves nurturing existing relationships while seeking out new opportunities for collaboration and keeping a pulse on market trends to ensure our offerings meet customer needs.

What do you feel the biggest challenge/challenges will be in your role?

In my role at Precise Biometrics, one of the biggest challenges I anticipate is balancing the need for innovation and growth with the current market sentiments surrounding biometrics in the USA. While biometric technology offers tremendous potential for enhancing security and user experience, there may be resistance or hesitation from some potential customers due to concerns about privacy and data security. Therefore, a significant part of my role will involve addressing these concerns head-on, educating stakeholders about the benefits of biometric solutions, and building trust in our products and services. Additionally, navigating the competitive landscape and differentiating ourselves in the market will be crucial for success. However, I’m confident that with a proactive approach, effective communication, and a commitment to delivering value, we can overcome these challenges and drive positive outcomes for Precise Biometrics in the USA.

What is the business environment like in USA and what are your expectations for the market in 2024?

The business environment in the USA is dynamic and constantly evolving, with rapid advancements in technology driving innovation across industries. In 2024, I expect the market to continue embracing digital transformation and security solutions, albeit with cautious optimism, especially regarding biometrics. While there may still be some skepticism to overcome, I anticipate a gradual shift towards greater acceptance and adoption of biometric technologies as they become more refined and integrated into everyday life. With increased emphasis on data privacy and cybersecurity, I foresee growing demand for robust authentication solutions, presenting exciting opportunities for Precise Biometrics to make significant strides in the market. By staying agile, responsive to market needs, and consistently delivering value, I’m confident that we can capitalize on these opportunities and drive positive outcomes for our company in the years ahead.

Finally, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Outside of work, I’m all about staying active and hanging out with my family. You’ll often catch me shooting hoops, biking, or golfing. I became a first-time parent to a baby girl in November, so I’ve been fully immersed in Dad mode and enoying every moment of it.