Meet this year’s summer workers


Welcome to our Summer Worker Q&A for 2023! With the summer season drawing to a close and the transition to autumn underway, it’s an opportune time to reflect on the impactful contributions made by our dedicated summer team at Precise Biometrics. In this edition, we’ll dive into their motivations for joining Precise, their tasks during the season, and their overall experiences. Let’s hear from Alexis, Diego, and Adla as they shed light on their journeys with us.


How did you become aware of Precise and what attracted you to working for us?

Alexis: “I heard that Precise was looking for summer workers who could provide support during the season, and I seized the opportunity to take the job. What attracted me to working at Precise was that it’s a technical company that aligned with my interests. Given my knowledge within computers and systems, Precise felt like a perfect match.”

Diego: “I did my master’s thesis with Precise. As I wanted to expand the project that I was working on, I was happy to be given the chance to continue my work over the summer.”

Adla: “A former colleague from Sony reached out to me and asked if I would like to join Precise Biometrics last year. From what I had previously heard about the company, I was intrigued. I was, and still am, attracted by the future-oriented focus the company has, and it’s definitely a field that is expanding even further.”


What tasks have you been working on here during the summer?

Alexis: “My task during the summer was to provide technical support, assisting Precise’s customers in installing our newest software system. Additionally, I helped organizing office hardware to enhance operational efficiency.”

Diego: “I’m working on improving the matching algorithms with new Deep Learning technologies.”

Adla: “This summer my primary focus has been on preparing for my upcoming master’s thesis at Precise, scheduled for the next semester. The subject of my thesis revolves around configuration management and the management of variants. I’ve been engaging in interviews with the Algo team responsible for developing the fingerprint algorithm solutions, alongside reviewing literature on this topic.”


How’s the experience of working here been for you? Any fun stories, exciting moments, or just general thoughts you want to share?

Alexis: “My experience of working at Precise was entirely positive. Everyone welcomed me warmly and was very helpful. I don’t have much to say except that I had a wonderful time at Precise, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to work here.”

Diego: “I find the internal culture in the office great! My colleagues are really responsive and down-to-earth.”

Adla: “I’ve been working at Precise for a little more than a year now, and my experience has been positive. I’ve had many enjoyable moments with my coworkers. I really appreciate how supportive the atmosphere is and how open and collaborative the team is.”