Meeting a growing market for fingerprint technology

The market for mobile devices using fingerprint technology is growing as more and more devices are being equipped with fingerprint technology and consumers increasingly demand biometrics for convenient identity authentication.

Increased volumes and competition is driving the development towards smaller fingerprint sensors to reduce cost of implementing fingerprint solutions. This enables use cases and segments that are more price sensitive, such as low-end smartphones, smart cards, wearables and IoT. The market for smart cards and payment cards is expected to take off by the end of 2017. To maintain our leadership in this fast-growing market with continuously changing requirements we are investing in R&D and are growing our support organization to help customers succeed with their integration efforts at OEMs.

The emphasis on security has become paramount as fingerprint technology will increasingly be used for mobile payments and other sensitive applications. Therefore, spoof and liveness detection, to avoid fake fingers and mitigate fraud is now a priority. Our software for spoof and liveness detection tackles these challenges and will be available with our fingerprint solution for mobile devices in the second half of the year.

Watch the interview below with Precise Biometrics’ CEO Håkan Persson to find out more