Visitor management systems for the future

Following the exciting news of our acquisition of EastCoast Solutions in November 2021, we caught up with CEO Richard Skalsky, one of the company’s founders, to find out about the plans for the future and how we’ll jointly be delivering a world-unique solution for visitor management systems.

Welcome to the Precise family Richard! Now that EastCoast Solutions has joined Precise Biometrics, what excites you about the future and the opportunities that it holds?

Right from the initial conversations we had with Precise’s Chairman, Torgny Hellström, CEO, Stefan K Persson, and the Board, we could see that the companies fit together very well with many natural synergies.

What I see as being most exciting in the short term is integrating YOUNiQ into our products and services for visitor management. Through the integration, we will be able to offer our 600 existing customers an upgrade to their existing installations with the latest technology with contactless and secure access to offices and arrival registration.

How will being part of Precise Biometrics enable EastCoast Solutions to realise opportunities and overcome challenges it has faced in its industry areas?

The merger with Precise Biometrics means that we will be a major player in the market so we can more easily scale up our services and market our solutions outside the Nordic region. As part of the Digital Identity business we’ll also be contributing to the organization’s knowledge based on a business model with SaaS services.

What advantages do you see in the future for the YOUNiQ EastCoast offering?  What will the benefits be for customers and how will this solution make everyday life easier for them?

The integration of YOUNiQ in EastCoast products and services will result in a world-unique solution for visitor management where the visitor is the key to easy and safe passage through doors and arrival registration during customer visits. We will be able to offer customers modern and contactless solutions with high user-friendliness.

In terms of secure and convenient access solutions and visitor management, what do you think the future trends will be for your industry?

For a number of years now, the trend has been to go from unannounced visits and manual visitor registration to today’s solutions with pre-booking and arrival registration with a QR code in for example, an Apple Wallet. The trend is for the visitor process to be handled solely by the host and the visitor. As a result, the receptionist takes a more supervisory role with the traditional reception role disappearing. This is replaced by visitor areas which the visitor can access to announce their arrival. The host is then automatically notified of the waiting visitor. We expect this trend of visitor areas and unmanned receptions to continue.

What are your expectations on how YOUNiQ and EastCoast Visit can help meet the future challenges of these trends?

By integrating YOUNiQ into our products and services, we will be able to offer unique, modern solutions for visitor management that are very user-friendly, secure and at the forefront of what is technically possible today.