More efficient and patient focused community care

More efficient and patient focused community care

London-based Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust has reduced bureaucracy and increased patient care significantly by providing its community based staff with the ability to access and update clinical records convenient and securely while being mobile.


The Challenge

Covering over 125 sites across South East London Oxleas is specialising in community and mental health and learning disability services for people of all ages. Traditionally the clinicians needed to spend a large amount of time every day to come into base to gather records and catch up with paper work – time they could have spent on patient care.

The Solution

For the last two years the clinicians have had mobile access to IT-systems during patient visits, enabling them to do updates conveniently and securely on their iPad devices. The mobile solution is based on MIA, Mobile Information Access, a mobile app from Isosec for community care workflow in the NHS. MIA transforms inefficient paper processes into a streamlined mobile app providing significant benefits in efficiency and improved patient care. MIA is integrated with Servelec’s RiO solution for clinical, administrative and case management support. Every device is equipped with Precise Biometrics’ smart card reader Tactivo to verify the user’s identity through two-factor authentication, combining smart card and PIN-code.

Oxleas currently have over 1 000 users with plans to extend the service provision to several hundred more. The Trust is the first NHS organisation in the country to use this secure and convenient mobility solution on an iOS platform and at such a scale.


“My ability to be out and about for the most part of the day certainly benefits my patients. Rather than having to come back to pick up information, to get addresses or phone numbers, I can be more responsive.”  Daniel Baptiste, Enteral Feeding Specialist Dietician, Oxleas NHS FT

The Benefits

  • Minimising unnecessary travel time and expenses
  • Reducing duplication of administrative tasks
  • Maximising data quality by supporting paperless working
  • Time gained is now spent on patient care
  • Isosec Analytics provides real time usage data to measure success
  • Tactivo enables high information security on mobile devices
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