Imperial College NHS Transform Postnatal Maternity Care

Imperial College NHS Transform Postnatal Maternity Care

Imperial College NHS Trust has successfully transformed the inefficient paper based process that their pressurized Maternity Department was using into a streamlined and user-friendly digital process.

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust have piloted Isosec’s MIA Maternity access through iPads with Tactivo smart card readers for six months with great success and are rolling it out to all 105 community midwives.

The Challenges

  • Inefficient and unproductive use of midwives’ time
  • Large travel overhead in both cost and time
  • Duplication of processes
  • Reduced patient contact time
  • Lack of consistency, compliance and auditability

The Solution

The solution is a clinical mobile application for midwives and admin staff to transform processes and improve efficiency to reduce the pressure all departments are currently facing. NHS Midwifery Departments are typically short of staff, time and resources. With the streamlined solution MIA Maternity accessed by iPad, Tactivo smart card reader and SPINE-card, the issues they currently face can be significantly improved.

  • Improves data quality by replacing paper forms with an intuitive and user friendly application for iPad with Tactivo
  • Ensures compliance using on-screen prompts and checks to prevent processes being circumvented
  • Removes the need to travel back to base by transparently synchronizing data with clinical systems when online
  • Works in online and offline (briefcase) mode
  • Frees up time to spend on providing improved patient care

MIA Maternity accessed with iPad and Tactivo

The Benefits

  • Costs reduced
  • Productivity increased
  • Improved performance
  • Increase in staff morale
  • Time spent traveling reduced
  • Increase in patient engagement


MIA Maternity has transformed the Postnatal Maternity process. It is now much more streamlined; the midwives now only capture information once. Lost forms are a thing of the past and patients and staff are much happier with the tablet based system. Isosec listened to our requirements worked well with our IM&T and midwifery teams and were very flexible in delivering what we needed. Return on Investment was under 6 months too!

Pippa Nightingale

Head of Maternity Services at Imperial

The Savings

A conservative estimate of the time that can be saved per
midwife is 5 hours per week (4 hours travelling and 1 hour
admin)*. This equates to an annual saving of over
£9,000** per midwife. There are also further savings in
expenses (from the reduced travelling) of £600pa*

For a team of 50 FTEs this equates to a potential saving of
over £450,000pa and MIA Maternity will pay for itself in
under 4 months. Over a 3 year period MIA Maternity will
save a Trust nearly £1.2M.

The improvements in care means there are also potential
knock-on benefits including:

  • Reduction of GP visits
  • Reduction of out-patient appointments
  • Reduction in hospital stays


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