Portugal’s five cards becomes one

Portugal’s five cards becomes one

The Portuguese government chose Precise Match-on-Card™ technology to implement a national citizen card for convenient and secure identity authentication.

The problem that we solved

Portugal had five different identity cards for several different purposes. In addition to the traditional ID card, there were different cards for voting, healthcare, paying taxes, and social security. The Portuguese authorities wanted to simplify their system and provide citizens with one card with multiple uses.

By adding fingerprint identification to the national ID card with Precise Match-On-Card, the Portuguese government implemented a system with high security that guarantees a citizen’s identity and doesn´t compromise personal integrity. There is no possible way to extract the fingerprint information from the card in order to recreate it.

“Precise Biometrics was the supplier that offered a trusted and proven Match-on-Card technology”, André Vasconcelos, Director of Portugal’s ICT Department, AMA

In the future, Portuguese citizens will be able to use their fingerprint for identification for a variety of purposes not limited to government related use.

For more information, please read the full case study.

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