Thailand reduced risk for fraud with fingerprint ID cards

Thailand reduced risk for fraud with fingerprint ID cards

The Thai national ID card is one of the largest projects in the world combining smart ID cards with fingerprint information. 64 million ID cards have been rolled out.

The problem that we solved

The Thai authorities wanted to replace the existing ID card due to problems with forgery, identity theft and false or multiple identities. By adding digital fingerprint information on smart ID cards and physically binding the card to individuals, the Thai authorities reduced the risk for fraud.

With Precise Match-on-Card™, the Thai government is able to control the functions on the ID card and link it to the bearer. The matching of the fingerprint takes place inside the card, not in the reader. This eliminates the risks of people tampering with fingerprint readers, thus reducing the risk of imposters. It is practically impossible to extract the fingerprint information from the card. This both secures the personal integrity of the card holder and reduces the risk of fraud.

The rollout of the Thai national ID cards started in 2005 and 64 million cards have been issued to Thai citizens who carry a national ID card containing their fingerprint.

For more information, please read the full case study.

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