A perfect match for smartphone leaders

A perfect match for smartphone leaders

Precise Biometrics’ algorithm solution made it possible for Huawei to launch the first Android smartphone with a touch fingerprint sensor in 2014. Since then, nearly all smartphone vendors have chosen our algorithm solution Precise BioMatch® Mobile. The main reason: Our industry-leading performance that offers the best user experience and security for fingerprint recognition in smartphones.


The challenge

Pressing buttons and remembering PIN codes is becoming a thing of the past. When it comes to smartphones, fingerprint technology is now more or less a must have for consumers. Users have to be able to securely authenticate and unlock the smartphone within a fraction of a second, without having to bother about what position the finger should have when it touches the sensor. We are using our smartphones more frequently than ever, often several times an hour, spending as much as 40 hours per year unlocking our device with a PIN code.

One of the key challenges with fingerprint technology in mobile devices is to implement a powerful algorithm solution that quickly and securely processes, analyzes and matches images of fingerprints. Mobile devices use small fingerprint sensors that only capture some features of the fingerprint, which makes it even more difficult to match a person’s identity.

The Solution

Precise Biometrics, with 20 years of experience in developing fingerprint software, has a patented solution to the challenge: Precise BioMatch Mobile offers industry-leading performance that provides convenient and secure fingerprint recognition for any smartphone, tablet or laptop with a fingerprint sensor. Our algorithm solution provides several times faster authentication on mobile devices than PINs, which has resulted in total time savings of 4.9 billion hours in 2016 for consumers.

Precise BioMatch Mobile is integrated into more than 150 smartphones from industry leaders such as Coolpad, Google, HTC, Huawei, Lenovo, LG, Sony and Xiaomi, as well as over 40 other smartphone manufacturers. Our proven fingerprint software for mobile devices is the preferred choice among sensor manufacturers who wants to offer the best user experience and security of their products. Each second, more than 100 000 users are unlocking their device using our technology. Our fingerprint software is available through our extensive network of partners.

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