Career at Precise Biometrics

Career at Precise Biometrics

Do you have a heart for innovative technology?

For 20 years, we have persistently been moving the boundaries of the possible in fingerprint biometrics thanks to our strong spirit of innovation and engagement in continuous improvement of functionality and performance of our technology. As a leader in fingerprint software we are looking for candidates who share our dedication for excellence and reliable quality.

If you are interested in joining one of the most experienced and exciting companies within a fast-growing technology area, email your interest and CV to


Write your Master thesis with us

Precise Biometrics is constantly searching for dedicated and driven students who want to write their Master thesis in collaboration with us. By doing that you are contributing with valuable knowledge and laying the foundation for further development of our proven fingerprint technology, which has been integrated in over 190 mobile devices from 40 smartphone manufacturers and 160 000 000 national ID cards.


We are focusing on research in fingerprint biometrics and anti-spoof/liveness detection. Below are some suggestions on topics for Master thesis that we have in progress. If you have other ideas, we would like to hear them!

  • AFIS 1 to many classification for embedded systems
  • Machine learning & Deep learning within fingerprint biometrics
  • Biometric performance of synthetic image enlargement

Sounds interesting? Contact
Fredrik Clementson, Director R&D


Name: Mark Cornett
Age: 60
Working at Precise Biometrics since: 2017, when Precise Biometrics acquired NexID Biometrics
Works as: Senior Sales Director, North America
Leisure interests: I enjoy looking after the garden and growing things in my kitchen garden. I also enjoy watching professional baseball and ice hockey.



What’s a normal working day like for you?
In the mornings I’m very busy responding to emails that have arrived overnight from Europe and Asia. I usually also take part in video conferences with colleagues and customers. Later in the day I plan and carry out various business development activities related to our customers in North America. I also prioritize our operational activities at our office here in Potsdam, NY, and provide support to our customers with the “on boarding” process of BioLive, our software for spoof and liveness detection of fingerprints.

What’s the most enjoyable thing about your job?
I get the most out of the intercultural interactions I have every day with the employees in our organization and with our partners and customers, whether it’s welcoming visitors here in Potsdam or when I travel with colleagues to meet customers and partners all over the world.

What do you think will be the next big thing in fingerprint technology/biometrics?
Apart from the ongoing development of fingerprint technology, for example with optical and ultrasound sensors being installed beneath displays in smartphones and IoT applications, I believe that fingerprint biometrics will converge with other modalities in order to create systems for multi-factor authentication. This, combined with both physiological and user-based factors, is making the concept of continuous authentication feasible. This development supports the growing need for efficient identity and access management.

Name: Vincent Chung
Age: 37
Working at Precise Biometrics since: 2017
Works as: Technology Manager within APAC (Asia Pacific Region)
Leisure interests: Traveling the world, listening to rock and rap music, playing video games.



What’s a normal working day like for you?
I travel a lot, visiting our customers and helping them with technical matters. I also have technical discussions with our customers’ customers, the end customers. When I’m in my office, my working day begins with a cup of strong coffee before I check my email and prioritize what I have to do during the day. When I’m visiting our customers, my day starts at the airport and my activity plan for the day is based on the customers’ needs and requirements.

What are you looking forward to in 2018?
I look forward to working with new customers and helping them to solve their problems and meet their challenges.

What do you think will be the next big thing in fingerprint technology/biometrics?
I believe that fingerprint sensors beneath displays will be the next big thing. They will replace small sensors and buttons on mobile devices.