Exciting new deals for our visitor management system EastCoast Visit

We are pleased to share that we have signed both new and extended contracts for our visitor management system, EastCoast Visit.

In Helsingborg, we have a new site in Blomsterlandet whilst Geodis Wilson added several sites across Sweden and Denmark. Nordnet is a new client in Norway, Oslo, and we are looking forward to our new partnership. Additionally,  Releasy has decided to extend their contract and invest in several sites in Sweden, as well as one in Barcelona, Spain

In line with our continued growth and expansion with new and existing partners, we are delighted to welcome XR who has chosen to partner with us via Thelin Data, and in Sundsvall Tele2 is extending their visitor management solution via our partner COOR.
Finally NVSA (Nordvästra Skånes Vatten & Avlopp) has chosen to collaborate with us for their specific needs. This marks a significant milestone in our expansion into the public sector and represents a crucial partnership with our collaborator Entryfy.

About EastCoast Solutions
EastCoast Solutions is a subsidiary to Precise Biometrics, and is a main provider of visitor management systems in the Nordics.
The company was founded in 1998 and has since then been focusing on replacing guestbooks with modern, digital visitor management systems. As a result, EastCoast has developed a stable product, used by companies all over the world.

About EastCoast Visit Online
EastCoast Visit Online is a modern, cloud-based visitor management system that automatically facilitates visitor meetings and visits. In addition to this, it is now possible to add YOUNiQ – a facial recognition system, for an enhanced user experience and increased security.
The Online solution offers a fast-onboarding process and simple implementation to get started quickly. Focus on your guests and let EastCoast Visit Online help you create a great experience for anyone who enters your facilities.