Fingerprint software with liveness detection

Fingerprint software with liveness detection

Without any protection fingerprint sensors are vulnerable to spoofing via fake fingers. The risk for fraud and spoofing via fake fingerprints is a threat to sensitive applications like mobile payments.

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Fingerprint spoofing is a known and achievable process
As mobile payments are on the rise, so is the risk for fraud and identity theft. A determined and thoughtful person can effectively steal another individual’s fingerprint identity via so called uncooperative spoofing. Fingerprints are left on numerous surfaces and it is possible to readily acquire a latent fingerprint in under 60 seconds using a variety of known methods (e.g., lift tape, cyanoacrylate fuming, photography). Once latent prints are captured and digitized, fingerprint molds and fake fingerprints are readily produced using household materials such as gelatin, latex paint and modeling clay.

Uncooperative attack process

  1. Lift latent print via tape, photo, or fuming
  2. Digitize image and create mold via acetate, PCB etching, or 3D printed mold
  3. Create spoofs
  4. Acquire user’s mobile device and execute spoof attack

Detecting fake fingerprints
Precise Biometrics software-based solution for spoof and liveness detection can identify a fake fingerprint with 94-98 percent’s accuracy by analyzing several fundamental image differences between a live fingerprint image, and one from a spoof.  The algorithm-based software uses image processing and statistical analysis of the image characteristics captured by the fingerprint sensor. It exploits differences between real fingers versus fake fingers via the imperfections in the image introduced by the spoof attack process.

Comprehensive solution
Our anti-spoof solution can be integrated with any fingerprint sensor on the market, weather it is in desktop or mobile environment and it does not need any additional hardware, which minimizes the cost and operational impact on sensor functionality. The solution is based on machine learning (artificial intelligence), which makes it adaptable to address any form of spoofing material, process or tactic.

The software is field upgradeable and therefore keeps pace with emerging spoof threats by continually developing spoofing counter measures. The security level can be tailored to work with a specific hardware configuration.  Moreover, a dynamic spoof detection threshold makes it possible to configure the desired security level to meet application requirements, either emphasizing convenience (low False Rejection Rate, FRR) or security (low False Acceptance Rate, FAR). (Illustration – Fingerprint authentication with liveness detection)

Integration with Precise Biometrics’ fingerprint software
The anti-spoofing solution will be synergistically integrated with Precise Biometrics’ fingerprint software solutions to keep latency as low as possible and increase both convenience and security compared to alternative solutions.

The integration with Precise BioMatch Mobile (our software for fingerprint authentication in smartphones and tablets) will be available during the third quarter this year.

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