High security made easy with YOUNiQ at St. Lawrence Health

We are happy to announce that St. Lawrence Health, the upstate New York hospital healthcare provider, has decided to add YOUNiQ to their access management system.

“After having the opportunity to test and evaluate the YOUNiQ integration with our access system, here at St. Lawrence´s Information Technology Department in Potsdam, there is no doubt that it´s a keeper. We are pleased with the increased security enabled by adding facial recognition, and, apart from using it here and at our off-site data center, will also consider expanding it to our in-house pharmacy ”, says Rich Ingersoll, Director of Systems Engineering and Architecture.

In order to further enhance a secure access experience, the YOUNiQ integration allows a direct plug-in to several leading access systems. Recently YOUNiQ received the Genetec DAP (Development Acceleration Program) certification, following a thorough evaluation of YOUNiQ´s integration with Genetec’s Security Center platform, confirming that it met their functionality and quality criteria; an important milestone for YOUNiQ in the US to accelerate growth in the market.

“It is obviously the ultimate proof of concept having a pilot installation transformed into a satisfied customer. We put great value in our close collaboration with St. Lawrence Health and our strong ability to integrate YOUNiQ with a leading access control system such as Genetec. We see many joint opportunities ahead within theirs and our respective communities and networks”, says Mark Cornett, Senior Sales Director, Precise Biometrics US.

About St. Lawrence Health

St. Lawrence Health is a three-hospital system in Northern NY, affiliated with the internationally recognized six-hospital system Rochester Regional Health in central/western NY. Read more here: https://stlawrencehealthsystem.org/about

About Genetec

Leading technology provider of business intelligence, unified physical security, public safety, and operations. Genetec develops open-platform software, hardware, and cloud-based services for the physical security and public safety industry. Read more here: https://www.genetec.com/

About YOUNiQ

YOUNiQ integrates facial recognition with access control systems to provide convenient and secure access to facilities. The technology behind the product is based on artificial intelligence that confirms the individual’s identity through its unique facial features.