Business areas

Precise Biometrics is organized into two business areas: Fingerprint Technology and Mobile Smart Card Solutions.

Fingerprint Technology
In this business area we develop and sell fingerprint software for convenient and secure authentication of people’s identity in mobile phones, smart cards and other products. Our software provides the best user experience for products with small fingerprint sensors and limited processing power and memory, regardless of the sensor technology or operating system. The software is sold primarily to sensor manufacturers for integration into mobile devices, tablets and other products with fingerprint technology, which generates royalties based on their sales.

Mobile Smart Card Solutions
In this business area we sell Tactivo, a product portfolio of smart card readers for smartphones and tablets. Tactivo enables convenient and secure mobility in organizations that require smart cards to log in to IT systems. Tactivo contributes to a more efficient and better working environment, increased information security and reduced operating costs.

Tactivo is marketed through a network of partners in America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia as a component in complete integrated solutions for mobile access to information and resources. The business model enables broad-based, cost-efficient sales, distribution and installation of the products in companies, organizations and government agencies that require smart cards to log into IT systems.

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We license our fingerprint recognition software primarily to sensor manufacturers, which generates royalties based on their sales. Our software has been implemented by over 30 vendors in hundreds of millions of mobile phones and tablets worldwide. Our algorithm solutions are also marketed to companies in other industries for integration into products with small sensors and limited platforms, such as smart cards, wearables, cars and Internet of Things.

Our customers cover most of the market of fingerprint technology, and encompass several different sensor technologies. Together with our customers, we work in close collaboration to meet the demands of both mobile phone manufacturers and other suppliers of products with fingerprint technology. We also sell fingerprint software to security companies and manufacturers of national ID cards with standard size sensors.

In our business area Mobile Smart Card Solutions, we have agreements with partners that integrate our Tactivo smart card reader into complete solutions that enable convenient and secure mobile access to IT-systems. Our partners manage distribution and sales in prioritized markets, which are US government agencies, healthcare organizations in the UK and Sweden and enterprises. Tactivo is deployed within the US Department of Defense, major UK healthcare Trusts, Swedish healthcare operators and international enterprises.