Audit Committee

The Board has, on the statutory board meeting held May 16, 2017, decided the following members of the board shall constitute Precise Biometrics’ audit committee: Torbjorn Clementz, Torgny Hellstrom and Synnevö Trygg, with Torbjorn Clementz as chairman.

The audit committee is assigned to exercise supervision and prepare a number of questions to the board in support of their work to fulfill their responsibility within auditing, internal control and financial reporting. In 2016 the committee focused primarily on reporting (quarterly reports, annual financial reporting and internal reporting), business-related risks and internal control. The committee held seven meetings during 2016, of which four were in conjunction with the quarterly reports.


Compensation committee

The Board has, on the statutory board meeting held May 16, 2017 decided that the following members of the board shall constitute Precise Biometrics’ Compensation Committee: Torgny Hellström, Anna Almlöf, Matts Lilja and Mats Lindoff with Torgny Hellström as chairman. The Compensation Committee shall consider compensation issues.

The duties of the compensation committee include issues concerning salaries, pension terms and conditions, incentive schemes and other terms and conditions for the employment of company executives. In 2016 the committee has primarily focused on remuneration to leading executives, including incentive schemes and option programs. The committee has also prepared board proposals for guidelines for remuneration to leading executives, which can be found in the Administration Report. The committee held seven meetings during 2016.

Download Report from the board of directors concerning evaluation of renumeration to management here


Nomination committee

Following a decision at the Annual General Meeting on May 17, 2016, it was resolved to adopt amended principles for appointment of members of the Nomination Committee, which are consistent with the principles adopted at the AGM 2015, with the difference that the principles shall apply until further notice. According to the amended principles the Chairman of the Board shall convene a Nomination Committee which, in addition to the Chairman, shall consist of representatives from two or three of the company’s largest shareholders in accordance with Euroclear Sweden AB’s list of registered shareholders as of August 30. If any of these shareholders should wish to abstain from the possibility to appoint a representative, the right shall be transferred to the shareholder who after such shareholders has the largest holding in the company.

The Nomination Committee consists of the following members:

Carina Lundberg Markow, representing Folksam and KPA, Hans Ek, representing SEB Fonder and Torgny Hellström, Chairman of the Board.

Shareholders who wish to submit proposals to the Nomination Committee are welcome to contact the Nomination Committee at

In order for the Nomination Committee to consider a proposal, the proposal must be received in due time prior to the Annual General Meeting, at latest on February 28, 2017.