Precise Biometrics operates according to principles governing its relations with employees, partners and other stakeholders, which are based on respect for laws, environmental concerns, human rights, labor issues, social responsibility and customer requirements. We do business according to international principles and convention.

You will find an overview and summary of the policies Precise Biometrics applies to below.

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Whistleblower routine

Precise Biometrics AB and its subsidiaries wish to promote accountability, commitment and honesty. Maintaining a high standard of business ethics is never negotiable within Precise Biometrics and the company is always committed to conducting our business in accordance with the law and high ethical standards.

To ensure this, the company has established an opportunity for the company’s employees, business partners and other stakeholders to report any serious and sensitive irregularities and inappropriate behavior that could have an adverse effect on the company’s business and which, due to the nature of the concern, cannot be reported through normal procedures. Such whistleblower routine shall serve as an alternative way to report suspicions of serious and wrongful acts and abuses and to ensure that such concerns are treated seriously and appropriately.

Primarily, we encourage our employees to talk to their supervisors, but there may be situations where this is not appropriate or situations where the person prefers to remain anonymous. In such situations, the company wants to anonymize in order to facilitate reporting. The reporting person shall in such situations contact the company’s CFO Göran Thuresson at the following e-mail address:

The routine also applies for business partners and other stakeholders.

All communication is anonymous and confidential unless the reporting person has not clearly indicated otherwise.

Examples of irregularities and misconduct that could have an adverse effect on the Company’s business and which, because of the irregularity in nature cannot be reported in the usual way are:

  • unlawful activity
  • financial fraud
  • bribery or corruption
  • violation of competition laws
  • serious endangerment to environment, health and safety
  • disloyalty
  • activities, which otherwise by law, treaty or agreement amount to serious improper conduct

The Company assumes that all reporting is done with good intentions. If not, actions can be taken.