Launching our new Precise video – Biometric security every step of the way

We are excited to announce the release of our new corporate video showcasing how we combine various biometric technologies to ensure an accurate digital identity in a number of application areas.

High security made easy! From your phone, to your car, to your office… biometrics makes your everyday life more secure.

With Precise Biometrics – YOU are the key.

Precise Biometrics is a global identification software provider that was founded in 1997 with the vision to offer biometric technology for mobile phones. We have been pioneers from the start and continue to offer innovative products for convenient and secure identity authentication. Today, we offer products with a range of applications that enable individuals to identify themselves in a convenient and secure way by using their own unique human characteristics. We have two product areas today:

– Digital identity: Our facial recognition software which is used for identification within access, digital services and visitor management.

– Algo – Our fingerprint software, which is used for identification within mobile phones, door locks, cars and more.

We combine various biometric technologies to ensure an accurate digital identity. Access many of your everyday applications by using your unique human characteristics as your own personal key. High security has never been more accessible. Precise Biometrics – biometric security every step of the way.

About YOUNiQ:
YOUNiQ integrates facial recognition with access control systems to provide convenient and secure access to facilities. The technology behind the product is based on artificial intelligence that confirms the individual’s identity through its unique facial features.

About Precise BioMatch®
Precise´s Fingerprint algorithm solution, for a secure and convenient identity authentication in e.g. mobile phones, cars and IoT.

About EastCoast Visit Online
EastCoast Visit Online is a modern, cloud-based visitor management system that automatically facilitates visitor meetings and visits. In addition to this, it is now possible to add YOUNiQ – a facial recognition system, for an enhanced user experience and increased security.
The Online solution offers a fast-onboarding process and simple implementation to get started quickly. Focus on your guests and let EastCoast Visit Online help you create a great experience for anyone who enters your facilities.