Algorithm solution for ID and smart cards

Algorithm solution for ID and smart cards

Precise Match on Card enables convenient and secure fingerprint authentication in national ID and smart cards with full digit sensors and limited platforms.

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Precise Match-On-Card™

Precise Biometrics offers software for fingerprint authentication in smart cards targeting governments and national ID cards for use in mobile and desktop solutions with full digit fingerprint sensors. Our fingerprint technology is deployed worldwide with more than 160 million licenses sold. Precise Match-on-Card™ stores and authenticates credentials inside the smart card. The fingerprint matching algorithm runs solely within the secure environment of the smart card. This offers the highest degree of security as your stored fingerprint information never leaves the card.

Match-on-Card is a preferred technology among many governments today. Read our case studies on how  Portugal and Thailand are using Match-On-Card in their national ID cards. The fingerprint algorithm in Precise Match-On-Card is based on close to 20 years of research and has achieved top results in ongoing MINEX and MINEX II evaluations conducted by the US National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST). Precise BioMatch™ ISO C is compliant with the ISO 19794-2 standard.

Customer: Thailand

Reduced risk with Match-on-Card™

Customer: Thailand
The Thai national ID card is one of the largest projects in the world combining smart ID cards with fingerprint information.
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Match-On-Card Products

Precise BioMatch™ ISO C

Precise BioMatch™ ISO C is a software module for integration of standardized Precise Match-on-Card™ technology on any smart card operating system. The matching algorithm is based on the ISO 19794-2 CC standard ensuring full interoperability. The fingerprint algorithm is optimized for use with Precise Biometrics’ best-in-test minutiae extractor which can be integrated using the Precise BioMatch ISO MoC Toolkit.

Precise BioMatch ISO MoC Toolkit

The Precise BioMatch ISO MoC Toolkit is based on the successful Precise Biometrics minutiae extractor and integrates Precise Match-on-Card in any smart card-based PC application. Smart cards with an integrated Match-on-Card algorithm based on ISO 19794-2, such as Precise BioMatch ISO C, are required.

The Toolkit includes sample code for enrollment and verification, providing a straightforward integration of standardized Precise Match-on-Card.

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Precise Match-On-Card Demo

Experience the Match-on-Card technology. With this demo, you will see the speed and user friendliness of our Match-on-Card technology in several verification scenarios. To experience our Match-on-Card technology, you need:

  • Precise BioMatch Demo
  • Precise BioMatch™ enabled smart card
  • Fingerprint & smart card reader

Just enroll your fingerprint on a smart card using the straightforward enrollment feature included in the demo and you are ready to go!

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