Meet Teodor Karlstedt at EastCoast – our new Head of Sales Digital Identity

As communicated earlier, we are now taking the next step in the EastCoast merger, as the respective sales departments are merged to become one sales unit under the lead of Teodor Karlstedt. Today Teodor is Head of Sales at EastCoast and we sat down to talk about the day to day work at the office in Stockholm and what’s to come.

For how long have you been working at EastCoast Solutions?
I’ve been working at EastCoast for 10 years now.

What does your job entail on a typical day?
The short answer is that there isn’t a normal daily routine at EastCoast Solutions, which is actually one of the things I like most about my job.

However, I can tell you a bit about what I might do on most days…
One of my main responsibilities is the development of my team and to strategize on our opportunities. We have several weekly stand-ups to discuss current opportunities and challenges. These stand-ups also give us time to check in with each other, which creates team spirit and boosts our morale. A lot of time is spent working with our partners, providing them with the best possible conditions, but also to work on our strategic collaboration.
I also spend time on sales/business development as well as continually improving our operational processes. No process is ever perfect, and this means that the right processes may change over time. We are constantly trying to improve!

As part of the EastCoast merger, January 1 you assume the role of Head of Sales for Digital Identity, including both EastCoast Visit and YOUNiQ, congrats!
Thanks! I am super excited to start this new chapter within a unit that has an enormous potential – both in the Access and in the Visitor management segments. Together with the team, I am looking forward to further unlock this potential and to grow the cross-selling opportunities.

What benefits have you seen in EastCoast being part of Precise and the Digital Identity product unit so far?
I am thrilled to work with such a competent team and believe that there are good synergy effects of working together. We have already benefited tremendously by being part of the DI product unit, as all teams work together, thus making use of every team member’s skills and experience. As a single product unit, we are able to manage every person at a facility, from physical access (YOUNiQ) to visitor management (EastCoast).
Becoming a part of Precise has also given EastCoast the opportunity to furtherer expand in new markets.

Any exciting projects recently and ahead?
We recently exhibited at SKYDD, a fantastic chance to collaborate with both partners and suppliers, but above all, to tell the visitors about our new services and offers.
I am also looking forward to the release of our new Express Escape app, it will replace the old one and will increase security significantly with many new smart functions.
And finally, kicking off 2023 with this new adventure is of course on top of the list!

Our EastCoast/Precise office is situated in Stockholm Old Town, give us your number one must-see in the neighbourhood!
The Royal Palace and Livrustkammaren are for sure sites you have to see if you are a person interested in history. But the best tip is probably just to stroll along the alleys, as it feels like you have travelled back in time.

What piece of tech can you not live without?
Definitely my phone. Unexciting answer, but true.

Thanks Teodor!