Easy integration of biometrics in hardware products – New embedded solution from Precise Biometrics

It has never been easier for a hardware company to launch a product with fingerprint verification than it is now. With Precise Biometrics’ new and improved embedded solution, the keywords are outstanding performance, fast integration and modular design.

Precise BioMatch™ Embedded is a software product that enables hardware companies to integrate fingerprint verification in their products. Precise Biometrics' improved embedded offer makes it much easier for any hardware company to quickly integrate fingerprint verification.

The main obstacle for integrating fingerprint recognition on a hardware platform has always been related to a complex design cycle – which impedes a quick time to market.  As a result of this finding, Precise Biometrics has put a lot of effort into designing a software product that reduces time spent on integration significantly, and offers the manufacturer to launch a product with a much shorter design and test cycle, time – a crucial competitive factor in the hardware industry today.

Through its modular design, Precise BioMatch™ Embedded offers the possibility for a manufacturer to choose functionalities and optimize the biometric performance depending on the application of the final product.

–          We see great opportunities for biometric embedded solutions in many different types of products such as computers, point-of-sales terminals and mobile handheld units. As an example, the implementation of fingerprint verification in consumer electronics is expected to triple in the coming four years* and I believe that our embedded offer gives Precise Biometrics a true advantage in capitalizing on this development, says Thomas Marschall, CEO at Precise Biometrics.

Precise BioMatch™ Embedded is built on Precise Biometrics' success in the US standardization tests Ongoing MINEX and MINEX II.

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* Global Biometrics Technology Market (2010-2015), Marketsandmarkets