First installation of Precise YOUNiQ in Germany for facility access

Precise strengthens its relationship with Algeco through a new agreement for an installment of YOUNiQ for facility access. The agreement, referring to one of Algeco’s regional offices, is Precise’s first installation of YOUNiQ in Germany.

”We are delighted to deliver YOUNiQ to Algeco in Germany, and at the same time extend our relationship with Algeco. Through YOUNiQ, we have been able to provide Algeco with convenient, safe and sustainable services for facility access in multiple countries, and the extended trust is a proof of the strength in our offer within Digital Identity. We look forward to include YOUNiQ in more of Algeco’s projects and installations, enabling a convenient and secure alternative for facility access”, says Precise CEO Stefan K. Persson.

Precise YOUNiQ integrates facial recognition with the door access system to conveniently and securely grant access to restricted facilities. The technology behind the product is based on artificial intelligence that confirms the individual's identity through its unique facial features. The installation will provide convenient and secure facility access for Algeco’s employees in one of their regional offices in Germany.

About Algeco
Algeco is the world's leading business services company specialising in modular space. The company create smart spaces for people to live, work and learn. Algeco’s business is designed to help customers find the right space solution, no matter what their requirements. Algeco has operations in 24 countries with approximately 250,000 modular space and portable storage units and 3,400 remote accommodations rooms. Algeco is a part of Modulaire Group, a European leader in modular services and infrastructure, with operations in 25 countries with approximately 271,000 modular space and portable storage units and 3,400 remote accommodations rooms.