Gemalto, Fingerprint Cards, Precise Biometrics and STMicroelectronics to demonstrate world’s first:

End-to-end security architecture for fingerprint authentication in wearable and consumer electronics

Gemalto, Fingerprint Cards, Precise Biometrics and STMicroelectronics introduce the first end-to-end security architecture for biometric fingerprint authentication at Mobile World Congress 2016, offering OEMs[1] (http://file//server1/users/daniele/Documents/Press%20releaser/Final/2016/Demonstrate%20world%E2%80%99s%20first%20end-to-end%20security%20architecture%20for%20fingerprint%20authentication%20in%20wearables.doc#_ftn1) the opportunity to easily deploy this consumer-friendly feature in the latest generation of wearable and consumer electronics devices. This new proof-of-concept replaces conventional username/password authentication for applications such as payment, eticketing, digital access and 2-factor strong authentication with swift and secure fingerprint recognition.
The joint effort will demonstrate this ground-breaking solution on a smartwatch that embeds a fingerprint sensor from Fingerprint Cards, fingerprint software from Precise Biometrics and Secure NFC solution and low power microcontrollers from STMicroelectronics.
Gemalto provides the UpTeq eSE on which the user's credentials are stored, and the Match-On-Card application that validates the fingerprint placed on the sensor corresponds to the biometric data of the user. Gemalto also supplies a rich array of secure applications, and the Allynis Trusted Services Hub (TSH) responsible for managing the solution over the entire product lifecycle.
Fingerprint Cards delivers state of the art touch fingerprint sensors with extreme low power consumption and compact form factor.
Precise Biometrics provides fingerprint software based on Precise BioMatchTM Embedded (, an industry leading algorithm solution that offers convenient and secure fingerprint recognition for products with small fingerprint sensors on limited platforms, such as smart cards, wearables, cars, locks and personal identification tokens.
STMicroelectronics provides its ST54 system-in-package solution, composed of an ST21NFC near-field communication (NFC) controller and an ST33 embedded Secure Element based on 32-bit ARM® SecurCore® SC300, hosting the Gemalto Biometrics Match-On-Card. ST also provides an STM32 ARM® Cortex®-M based low-power microcontroller managing the application.
For end users, the new architecture spells an end to the complexity of having to remember numerous username and password combinations to access essential applications such as payment, secure email and government ID programs. This solution will offer new opportunities to the consumer electronics market to implement secure authentication solutions based on FIDO[2] (http://file//server1/users/daniele/Documents/Press%20releaser/Final/2016/Demonstrate%20world%E2%80%99s%20first%20end-to-end%20security%20architecture%20for%20fingerprint%20authentication%20in%20wearables.doc#_ftn2) Alliance's specification, and give consumer electronics manufacturers the option to differentiate from competition. By easing the user journey without compromising security, biometric fingerprint authentication represents a real game-changer for the world of secure mobile connectivity, payment, eCitizen services and more.  
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Precise Biometrics is a market-leading provider of solutions that prove people's identities through smart cards and fingerprint recognition. The company's products can be used for ID, enterprise and bank cards as well as access to mobile solutions, computers and networks. Precise Biometrics serves business and government organizations throughout the world and its products are licensed to close to 160 million users. For more information, please visit
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ST is a global semiconductor leader delivering intelligent and energy-efficient products and solutions that power the electronics at the heart of everyday life. ST's products are found everywhere today, and together with our customers, we are enabling smarter driving and smarter factories, cities and homes, along with the next generation of mobile and Internet of Things devices. By getting more from technology to get more from life, ST stands for life.augmented.
In 2015, the Company's net revenues were $6.90 billion, serving more than 100,000 customers worldwide. Further information can be found at

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Fingerprint Cards AB (FPC) is a high tech and listed company which develops, produces and markets biometric technology that through the analysis and matching of an individual's unique fingerprint verify the person's identity. A secure and convenient user experience is thus made possible, beyond keys and pins. The FPC technology offers world class advantages and include unique image quality, extreme robustness, low power consumption and complete biometric systems. With these advantages and in combination with low production costs the technology may be implemented in large volume products as smartphones, tablets and biometric cards where these demands are extremely high. FPC's technology have user cases from a number of applications.

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Gemalto's unique technology portfolio - from advanced cryptographic software embedded in a variety of familiar objects, to highly robust and scalable back-office platforms for authentication, encryption and digital credential management - is delivered by our world-class service teams. Our 14,000 employees operate out of 99 offices, 34 personalization and data centers, and 24 research and software development centers located in 46 countries.
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