Next Generation of Mobile Security for Smart Devices: Smart Casings with Smart Card & Fingerprint Reader

The smart casing is the first of its kind on the market. With a built-in smart card reader and fingerprint sensor, the product enables the highest level of security for network access, messaging, data protection and strong authentication to the most popular mobile platforms.

Precise Biometrics has developed a smart casing with a built-in smart card reader and fingerprint sensor. The product meets the increasing requirements on network security and strong authentication raised by today's government, healthcare, enterprise and banking sectors.

The smart casing will be available for the most popular smart phone and tablet computer brands in 2012 and 2013.

"Gartner Group expects the mobile market to exceed one billion smart devices in 2015. We are now in a market-leading position where we are able to fulfill an important security need in the government and enterprise segments of this market. This is a milestone for Precise Biometrics and will play a crucial role in the realization of our financial targets in Plan 2015," says Precise Biometrics CEO, Thomas Marschall.

The smart card and fingerprint features of the smart case can be integrated with any app on the market-existing or new.

Starting next week, partners and customers can acquire demos and toolkits for tests, integration and trials. Precise Biometrics has already developed several new apps for smart casings.

The smart casing fulfills a need for users who want to access sensitive information or cloud-based applications from their smart devices, but are restricted from doing so due to security or convenience issues. By replacing cumbersome and insecure passwords with an ID card or the swipe of a finger, the hassle and risk of mobile authentication is eliminated:

  • U.S. government employees with smart cards for network access and identification can use the smart casing to access secure systems and messaging securely and conveniently right from their smart device.
  • A banking app may now include the ability to swipe a finger instead of typing in a PIN code or long password.
  • In healthcare, a hospital worker could use their smart card or swipe a finger to access a patient's chart from a smart device.
  • National ID cards with Precise Match-on-Card™ may also be enhanced by the smart casing. It enables extended use of the national ID for law enforcement, voter identification and tax filing through hand held units such as smart phones.

Several partner solution will be released during the coming months such as Thursby Software's PKard.

"In our first meetings we have seen a very positive reaction to our smart casings from users and developers alike," says Thomas Marschall. "Developers are pleased with the toolkit and the ability to offer a broader range of apps and solutions using convenient authentication methods."

Read more at, which over the next months will be updated with more information. You will also find descriptions of currently published apps and coming versions of the smart casings.