Postal voting for Precise Biometrics’ Annual General Meeting on 15 May 2020

As a part of the effort to minimize the risk of spreading the coronavirus, the Board of Directors in Precise Biometrics has resolved that shareholders in Precise Biometrics shall be able to exercise their voting rights digital or by post before the AGM 2020. The intention of the Board of Directors’ resolution is to minimize the number of people gathered at the location of the general meeting. Precise Biometrics encourages all shareholders to, in the manner stated below, exercise the possibility to postal voting.

Shareholders who wish to exercise the possibility to postal voting shall, in addition to being included in the shareholder’s register as per the record date on 9 May 2020, use a form for notification of attendance and postal voting which will be available through Precise Biometrics’ website,

  • Completed and signed form shall either be sent digitally through "BankID", or in original to Precise Biometrics, "Annual General Meeting", c/o Euroclear Sweden AB, Box 191, 101 23 Stockholm, or by e-mail to (please state “Precise Biometrics – Postal voting” in the subject line).
  • The form must be Precise Biometrics at hand no later than Monday 11 May 2020, preferably before 16 pm. CEST.

If the shareholder is a legal entity, a copy of the registration certificate or a similar document of authorization is to be attached. The shareholder may not provide the postal vote with specific instructions or conditions. If so, the entire postal vote is invalid.

As previously stated in the notice of the Annual General Meeting, Precise Biometrics will take, among other things, the following precautions in relation to the Annual General Meeting:

  • the time for registration of attendance is postponed to 1.45 p.m.,
  • no beverages and food will be offered,
  • there will not occur any speeches by the chairman of the Board of Directors, the CEO, the auditor or the representative of the nomination committee. Instead, a speech by the CEO will be recorded and published on Precise Biometrics’ website after the meeting,
  • the number of attending non-shareholders, board members, company officials and guests will be limited, and
  • questions on the meeting will be concentrated to matters on the agenda and other information that the participants have a right to be provided with according to law. Any general question time will not be held on this Annual General Meeting, and the meeting will, to the extent possible, be minimized in time without limiting the shareholders’ rights.

Considering the risk of infection, the company advice against physically attending the general meeting, and recommends the shareholders to participate by postal voting as stated above. Precise Biometrics is carefully monitoring the continued development and will if necessary update its website with information on any additional measures that are being taken in connection with the Annual General Meeting.

Torgny Hellström, Chairman of the Board, Precise Biometrics
Phone: +46 733 45 13 00