Precise Biometrics Announces Partnership with the Inpeco Group

Leading developer of solutions that trace key healthcare processes chooses Precise Match-on-Card™ to trace patient ID and blood testing transmissions, eliminating human `error’ in the process.

Precise Biometrics announces today that they have partnered with the Inpeco Group for a 6-month contract, to deploy Precise Match-on-Card™ technology to the Inpeco Group System. This will allow Inpeco Group to provide a unique link between patient ID and the in-vitro automation process. The Match-on-Card function would allow the patient ID to be verified at the point when the sample is taken, which is when blood vials are labeled and registered in the database.

"We are responsible for developing ways to ensure medical acts are delivered in the right way and that they are fully monitored," stated Andrea Pedrazzini, President of the Inpeco Group, which includes Inpeco TIH (Traceability In Healthcare), engaged in performing the Inpeco Group's R&D activities. "Precise Biometrics' Match-on-Card solution is a perfect product for our Group and objectives. Its unique capabilities of combining smart cards and fingerprints ensures that a patient's data cannot be tampered with and that it's fully secured throughout the process, from when the blood is extracted through the testing stage. We have an accurate account of the patient's ID, associated with the sample tube itself, and at the same time the patient's privacy is maintained."

With Precise Match-on-Card the fingerprint template is both stored and matched on the smart card chip. The biometrics serve as PIN and password replacement, but the solution also makes use of the well-known secure environment of the chip and eliminates the database, facilitating proof of identity and making the card a truly personal token.

"Our partnership with Inpeco Group has tremendous growth potential and we're excited about this new venture. After a successful trial, we expect to grant Inpeco 3-year exclusivity in the in-vitro testing automation market because we clearly see the value and expertise they provide, their great care and investment in R&D activities and their key role on the further development of automated blood test systems", said Precise Biometrics' CEO, Thomas Marschall.

About Inpeco Group
The Inpeco Group is a multinational group of companies engaged in the business of the design, development, manufacturing and sale of automation solutions in the healthcare field. The Inpeco Group, through its subsidiary Inpeco TIH (Traceability In Healthcare), designs and develops solutions for the full traceability of some key processes in Healthcare so assuring that any medical act is delivered in the right way and fully monitored. In order to achieve this ambitious goal a unique and univocal identification of both patient and product (e.g. sample tube, drug) is required, as well as the identification of the operator performing the intervention. Inpeco Group offers solutions for automating, controlling and tracing all actions performed on biological samples, from collecting to storing or retrieval, to prevent errors in sample identification and assuring a correct association patient to sample through the entire sample lifecycle.

About Precise Biometrics
Founded in 1997, Precise Biometrics is an innovative company providing secure, flexible, and cost-effective products to address the unique security requirements of the government and enterprise markets worldwide. Precise Biometrics' technology has been deployed for national ID card programs by several governments including Thailand, Portugal, and Nigeria. In 2002, the U.S Department of Defense and the Department of State began using Precise Biometrics' technology, and today continues to save millions of dollars every year on password administration. For more information, please visit

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