Precise Biometrics introduces Precise BioMatch Card

Precise BioMatch® Card is a powerful algorithm solution for fingerprint recognition in smart cards, providing convenient and secure identity authentication. The solution offers industry leading biometric performance and is optimized for matching fingerprints in constrained computing environments such as Secure Elements. The solution was previously included in Precise BioMatch Embedded, but is now introduced as a stand-alone solution targeted to the smart card market.

"Smart cards is the next growth area for fingerprint technology. In payment cards alone, there are over three billion cards issued globally every year. As a frontrunner in the development of biometric payment cards, it's important for us to provide Precise BioMatch Card that specifically addresses this market," said Torgny Hellström, Executive Chairman of the Board at Precise Biometrics.

Precise BioMatch Card has a matcher for Secure Element (SE), a secure processor chip used on biometric smart cards that provides strong protection against fraud. Precise Biometrics' solution can perform fingerprint matching in a SE, ensuring a high level of security. Precise BioMatch Card is an efficient solution that supports fingerprint sensors with an area down to 30 mm2.

Precise BioMatch Card has been deployed in several trials, including the world's first contactless biometric payment card ( from AirPlus International, as well as in the first pilot project in the USA with biometric payment cards ( carried out by Visa and Mountain America Credit Union.

In addition to Precise BioMatch Card (, Precise Biometrics offers algorithm solutions for fingerprint recognition in mobile devices, Precise BioMatch Mobile (, and wearables, cars and connected devices (IoT), Precise BioMatch Embedded (