Precise Biometrics’ new management focuses on expanding in the US

Precise Biometrics presents a new management group and organization, which will be putting a much greater emphasis on the US market. Precise Biometrics has also made important recruitments in the US on the sales side to highlight segments such as federal government.

Precise Biometrics' new management team will be focusing on the overall range of its operations, while responsibility for sales will be anchored in respective business areas. Precise Biometrics has previously presented a new organization where operations are divided into three business areas: Mobile, Identity Access Management (IAM), and Access Solutions. The Company will now be focusing more intently on these segments within the US market as well.

The US market accounts for about one third of total sales in the biometric market and is thereby the largest geographic market for biometric solutions in the world. Because of the greater focus on security and biometrics, the North American market is expected to double in size by 2015 with an increase from the current USD 1.5 billion to USD 3.2 billion in four years.Above all the markets for biometrics in both the banking and government agency segments are expected to expand in the US, and will have more than doubled by 2015.

The new management team consists of Thomas Marschall, President and CEO; Patrik Lindeberg, VP Research & Development; Patrik Norberg, CFO, and the new addition to the group Michael Harris, CTO. Michael Harris has been employed by Precise Biometrics' US subsidiary for almost ten years as a successful sales director. Michael will now strategically focus on the Company's future offerings.

IAM is the business area that above all covers Precise Biometrics' sales to the ID card segment. It will be run by Per Bahr, who recently entered the organization last autumn. Per has a solid background in sales and has a global network of contacts. In his role as Director of IAM, Per will be working mainly in the European market, while also leading a sales team that will be successively expanded during the year.

The Government segment encompasses portions of both the Mobile and IAM business areas. Precise Biometrics already has achieved a remarkable success in these areas in the US. In order to focus their sales efforts towards this segment, Matt Shannon has joined Precise Biometrics to manage the US Federal market in his role as Federal Sales Director. Matt has extensive experience in providing biometric solutions to the US Federal Government and he has an established network of contacts as well as a valuable understanding of the US Federal Government market.

Read interviews with Matt Shannon and Per Bahr on Precise Biometrics' website (

Thomas Marschall, President and CEO of Precise Biometrics

–          We are now taking offensive action to achieve the targets we have previously communicated. We will continue to expand our sales team during the year in the business areas Mobile and IAM, with the focus on banking and mobile applications. We will be taking on new employees in the US, but also in Europe. I am very pleased with the recruitments we have already made, both Per and Matt are strong candidates with valuable experience.