Precise Biometrics successfully completes private placement of approximately SEK 86 million

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Precise Biometrics AB ("Precise") today announces that it has completed a private placement of 22,000,000 new shares, providing the company with approximately SEK 86 million before transaction costs.

The private placement, which was announced on the 5thof September, 2013, has allowed Precise to place 22,000,000 new shares with international intuitional investors and qualified investors in Sweden at a price of SEK 3.90 per share through an accelerated book-building procedure.

The proceeds from the Private Placement will further enhance the company's working capital related to growth and order financing.

"We are excited about the interest shown by investors, both in Sweden and internationally, and welcome them on board as shareholders. The transaction strengthens our financial position and enables the Company to capitalize on the exciting opportunities arising as the market grows and keep up the high tempo in our current expansion", says Thomas Marschall, President and CEO of Precise Biometrics.

For the purpose of the private placement, the Board of Director of Precise has resolved, pursuant to the authorization given by the 2013 annual general meeting, on a directed issue of 22,000,000 new shares. The purpose of the resolution to issue new shares, deviating from the shareholders' preferential rights, is primarily to take advantage of an opportunity to raise capital on advantageous terms from new, from a financial perspective, strategically important owners, thereby promoting Precise's ability to create further value for all shareholders.

The new issue results in an equity dilution of 6.4 based on the number of shares after the new issue. The subscription price has been established through a customary book-building procedure. In relation to the 10 day volume weighted average share price on the 5thof September after market close, the subscription price corresponds to a discount of 8 percent. In relation to the market close price on the 5thof September, the subscription price corresponds to a discount of 9 percent.

Through the issue, the number of shares in Precise increases by 22,000,000 from 323,306,094 shares to a total of 345,306,094 shares and the share capital increases by SEK 6,160,000.00 from SEK 90,525,706.38 to a total of SEK 96,685,706.38

Carnegie Investment Bank served as financial advisor and bookrunner in connection with the directed share issue.

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