Precise Biometrics’ Tactivo™ Selected by OpenPeak to Add Security Enhancements to Mobile Apps with its SECTOR™ App Wrapping Technology

As part of OpenPeak’s evolving Advanced Device and Application Management (ADAM) Solution, Tactivo brings the robust security enhancements demanded worldwide for enterprise mobility

The market for mobile security enhancements and application customization capabilities continues to increase and expand as the Bring Your Own Device-BYOD-landscape evolves. Precise Biometrics' partner OpenPeak has now integrated the innovative Tactivo smart card and fingerprint sensor casing for iPad and iPhone to enhance a secure, trusted workspace with unprecedented, multi-factor authentication and security features. The OpenPeak solution includes per-app VPNs and three-factor authentication, including PIN, smart card, and biometric technologies. This allows IT administrators to control sharing of sensitive data between applications on the same device and heighten security that spans individual applications. Organizations can set policies to enforce the use of any or all of PIN, smart card, and fingerprint scan for accessing apps on mobile devices.

"By combining Precise Biometrics' innovative authentication solution with our SECTOR app wrapping technology, we're able to provide multilayer protection to safeguard even the most sensitive data," said Dan Gittleman, CEO of OpenPeak. "The Tactivo system perfectly complements our ADAM platform to provide unprecedented multi-factor authentication and security features, while ensuring reliable ease of access for authorized users."

Thomas Marschall, CEO of Precise Biometrics, said, "We are excited to see Tactivo becoming an integral part of this latest wave of innovation and security enhancements in the growing mobile market." He continued, "OpenPeak's app wrapping technologies, along with their other innovations in security measures and features, are making valuable contributions to the evolving BYOD landscape. We are looking forward to adding the power of Tactivo to these advancements to benefit enterprises and government markets alike."

About OpenPeak
OpenPeak is a leading mobility technology provider. OpenPeak designs end-to-end managed systems and solutions that enable Enterprises, SMBs and Education, Healthcare and service providers to provision and manage their customer's mobile devices and applications remotely. OpenPeak's Advanced Device and Application Management (ADAM) mobility management suite is comprised of three components: SANCTION, SECTOR and OPENSHOP. Each component can be deployed individually to complement pre-existing device and network management configurations, or together as a complete end-to-end Device, Application and Profile Management solution. For more information, visit

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