Precise Biometrics unveils upgraded AI-driven anti-tampering and liveness solution

Precise Biometrics, a global pioneer in biometric IT security solutions, announces it has released the next generation of its AI-driven liveness and anti-tampering solution, BioLive. The upgraded produkt offers up to 50X performance and security boost.

BioLive’s real-time anti-spoofing detection and liveness verification is a key tool for high-security organizations. It effectively mitigates the risk of identity theft and unauthorized access, safeguarding sensitive information and avoiding financial losses.
BioLive is available both as a standalone solution and as an integrated product in Precise Biometrics’ solution suite. It adds an additional layer of security to the already high-end security matching solution BioMatch, by identifying if a biometric print is real or fake, thereby minimizing the risk of spoofing and tampering attempts. In addition to its powerful anti-spoofing and liveness functionality, BioLive comes with protection against a wide range of attack angles, including non-fingerprint, static pattern, latent fingerprint and more.
The BioLive product is available for both fingerprint and palm modalities and offers a higher level of security for mobile devices as well as embedded solutions like laptops, smart locks, and cars. The upgraded versions of BioLive for mobile phones has just been released to market. 

The upgraded BioLive product is based on a new technology platform incorporating state-of-the-art AI technology and deep learning, resulting in substantial performance and security enhancements, with early assessments revealing an up to 50X boost from already high levels. 

Learn more about the solution in this video interview with the product owner Fredrik Rosqvist and our CCO for Biometric Technologies, Henrik Winberg. 

Joakim Nydemark, CEO of Precise Biometrics, comments:  
“The performance improvements are truly remarkable. BioLive exemplifies Precise's unique competence and market position, offering state-of-the-art security solutions. The integration of BioMatch's matching capabilities with BioLive, presents a game-changing opportunity for our customers and opens new business opportunities for Precise in the market. BioLive, just like the algorithm for ultrasound sensors and other premium solutions, show our true biometric and technology expertise, and will be a key business driver for us going forward.”