Precise in agreement with Exeger for facility access

Precise has entered into an agreement with Exeger – a Swedish company that develops and produces Powerfoyle, novel printable solar cells for use in consumer electronics, smart homes and other applications – for the installment of Precise YOUNiQ for facility access in Exeger’s premises. Precise YOUNiQ integrates facial recognition with the door access system to conveniently and securely grant access for employees and visitors to offices and restricted facilities.

The installment is expected to be done in March 2020 and will be performed by NVSS Security AB.

“Precise is a top innovator in its field and it is therefore satisfying that one of Swedens most innovative company has decided to use our biometric facility access solution to onboard their employees and visitors to their premises. I look forward to installing our product, which I’m certain will bring value to Exeger by increasing security and convenience for employees so they can fully focus on developing their groundbreaking solar cell technology”, said Precise CEO Stefan K. Persson.

During 2019, Precise has taken several important steps in the development and commercialization of its product for facility access. Precise has successfully integrated both passive liveness detection and passive face recognition technology to be able to provide a more convenient and secure solution for access control systems. The company is now ramping up its commercialization efforts with Exeger as the first commercial customer to install Precise YOUNiQ in its facilities.

“Exeger always prefer to collaborate with companies that are world-leading in its fields. I’m impressed with Precise and the solution they are offering. We now will be able to skip all tags and keys needed today to enter our premises and replace it with a more convenient and secure process to make sure that the people in the building are the ones that should have access”, said Giovanni Fili, CEO of Exeger.

About Exeger
Exeger is a Swedish deep tech company manufacturing the next generation of light harvesting technology, led by Swedish entrepreneur and CEO Giovanni Fili. Its unique dye-sensitized photovoltaic material, named Powerfoyle, converts ambient light into usable electricity, even in dim indoor conditions. Powerfoyle can enhance any consumer electronic product it is integrated into with extended or even eternal battery life, putting the power of cutting edge solar technology directly into the hands of consumers. Exeger’s carbon positive material is screen printed at its own urban factory, allowing for versatility in production and product development, enabling Exeger’s vision of a better world where any surface can generate power through light.