Precise in collaboration with Sensative for smart facility access

Precise and Sensative AB – a Swedish tech company offering IoT solutions for Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, and Smart Homes – has entered into a collaboration agreement for the integration of Precise YOUNiQ with Sensatives Yggio platform. Through the integration, the companies will together bring biometrics into many IoT use cases.

“The collaboration with Sensative is a great example of our strategy to partner with modern and innovative platform providers for the scale of YOUNiQ. Sensative has created a unique platform for connecting smart cities, buildings and end-user services to IoT networks through one open API, and we are excited to provide them with safe and convenient identification technology to further enhance their digital offering”, says Precise CEO Stefan K. Persson.

Precise YOUNiQ integrates face recognition with access control systems to provide convenient and secure access to facilities. The technology behind the product is based on artificial intelligence that confirms the individual's identity through its unique facial features. Through the integration, Precise technology will now be made available for Smart Buildings, Smart Cities, and Smart infrastructure powered by Yggio.

“This collaboration opens up for the use of biometric identification for access control, both when it comes to physical access and access to IoT data, IoT services, and IoT enabled devices. Precise Biometrics has been a market leader for many years, and we are excited to join forces in this new field of development, in how to bring biometric access control into the Smart Buildings and Smart Cities. We already see many opportunities to bring exciting new applications to meet our customers’ needs”, says Sensative CEO Mats Pettersson.

About Sensative
Founded in 2013, Sensative AB is an award-winning tech company offering IoT solutions for cities and commercial property markets with a vision to empower people with smart technology. Sensative makes IoT technology accessible, affordable, and usable for our customers & partners while keeping control, integrity, and security in their hands.
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