Precise integrates liveness detection to its identification software for access control systems

Precise has successfully integrated passive liveness detection – in addition to facial recognition – to its identification software for access control systems. The technology behind the product is based on artificial intelligence, which confirms both the user’s identity and liveness through its unique facial features, and conveniently and securely grant access for the user.

On August 19, 2019, Precise announced that the company would expand its offering to include identification for access to facilities. Since then, Precise has continued to develop the product and has now successfully integrated liveness detection – a security feature that ensures the biometrics was just captured from the user and prevents spoofing or use of artificial biometrics – to the identification software of the product. The liveness detection is passive, which means that it uses internal algorithms to detect spoofs and requires no active gesture from the user.

“The combination of passive facial recognition and passive liveness detection is a first of its kind within identification software for access control systems, paving the way for a seamless and more secure user experience. We already have several ongoing pilot projects with partners in various sectors and are working hard with preparations for the commercialization,” says Tom Søberg, CTO Precise.

As previously communicated, Precise expects to be able to commercialize the product in 2020.

About Precise YOUNiQ for facility access
By using biometric technology, Precise YOUNiQ simplifies people’s everyday lives by making digital access and access to facilities more convenient and secure. The product fits any company and organization wishing to simplify its access system. Precise YOUNiQ integrates facial recognition and liveness detection with the access control system to conveniently and securely grant access for employees and visitors to offices and restricted facilities. The product has been developed and is owned by Precise Biometrics.