Precise partners with Doro to develop innovative technology for seniors

Precise today announced a partnership with Doro AB – a Swedish technology company focused on seniors – to develop innovative solutions in the field of technology enabled care. The aim is to combine Precises’ YOUNiQ technology with Doro’s social alarms, enabling more secure and convenient identification that will bring benefits to users, relatives and care providers.

YOUNiQ will allow for new ways to interact with social alarms using touchless solutions, as well as enable alarms to monitor the user and respond to a range of events proactively. YOUNiQ combines face recognition with various systems and devices to provide convenient and secure identification. The technology behind the product is based on artificial intelligence that confirms the individual's identity through its unique facial features.

“The use of biometrics for secure and convenient authentication and identification continues to increase – both for digital services and in the physical world to reduce the need for touching shared items. YOUNiQ is designed to fit various applications and this partnership is an additional demonstration of the width of our scalable biometric technology. We look forward to collaborate with Doro to improve the support for seniors by the use of biometrics to enhance convenience and security”, said Precise CEO Stefan K. Persson.

A social alarm provides valuable support and reassurance for a wide range of people of any age, including those who live alone and are at risk of falling, live with dementia, epilepsy, heart disease, or have some disability or long-term condition. The next generation social alarms will be increasingly predictive, proactive and preventive. Technology enabled care that monitor chronic diseases will make the care of seniors at home more effective and support them to maintain a richer and more independent life.

“We’re delighted to bring in Precise as a partner. Our experience with seniors and technology enabled care, combined with their world leading identification software and biometric technology, will enable us to develop new and innovative solutions”, said Martin Puumalainen, Country Director Sweden, Doro Care.

About Doro
Doro is a technology company focused on seniors. We develop services and products for seniors to live independent, fulfilling lives. Our wide portfolio of security and care solutions digitally connect generations and provide solutions for independent living, both inside and outside the home. Doro is the market leader in social alarms in Sweden, Norway and the United Kingdom and the global market leader in mobile phones for seniors. Doro is a Swedish company with headquarters in Malmö and a sales operation in 27 countries. Doro’s shares are quoted on the Nasdaq Stockholm. The company has approximately 1 080 employees and net sales of SEK 1,689 million (EUR 168.0 million) were reported for 2020. Read more about Doro on our website