Precise signs license agreement with a leading sensor supplier

Precise Biometrics has signed a license agreement with a leading fingerprint sensor supplier from Asia. The agreement enables the sensor supplier to include Precises’ fingerprint software, Precise BioMatch Mobile, into their under-display sensor solutions for mobile devices.

The agreement will generate royalty revenue based on actual sales of fingerprint sensors which include Precises’ software. The royalty revenue is volume dependent and cannot be forecasted at this point. The agreement also includes a fee for support and maintenance and the right to integrate and use Precise BioMatch Mobile, which will be recognized to commence from the second half of 2019.

“We are pleased to announce this collaboration as it further strengthens our position as a leading technology provider of fingerprint software. This also confirms that our new strategy, to offer customer service, support and product development in Asia in order to strengthen our presence in local key markets, has borne fruit” said Stefan K Persson, CEO of Precise.

About Precise BioMatch Mobile

Precise BioMatch Mobile is our fingerprint software for smartphones and tablets. The product provides the best user experience & security of fingerprint recognition in mobile devices and works with any type of sensor technology. Read more: