Precise to collaborate with Infinity Optics Solutions

Precise has signed a collaboration agreement with the leading biometric cryptography company Infinity Optics (“IO”), to develop secure identification software for fingerprint recognition based on so called true biometric hash technology. The technology enables identification without the need to store user’s reference image, minimizing the risks of identity fraud and data breaches.

“Biometrics and cryptography have for a long time been operating in separate fields. This, despite both being components that perform complimentary functions used in secure identification. It is very exciting that we have initiated a collaboration with Infinity Optics, our goal is to be the first provider that combine the two fields successfully for fingerprint recognition,” says Precise CEO Stefan K. Persson.

The collaboration agreement provides Precise with exclusive access to Infinity Optics QuantumCrypt™ Platform. The collaboration will initially focus on adapting IO’s hash technology to work with Precises’ fingerprint technology and to develop a product for fingerprint recognition. The companies expect to conduct numerous pilot projects within a few months before entering the commercialization phase of the product.

The new technology being developed will – contrary to today’s established method that uses user’s biometric data to generate a template of the physical biometric, i.e. fingerprint, face, iris – generate a stable biometric code from a biometric image for hashing, where no template is ever stored. The process will give the technology several advantages. It enables convenient and secure identification of the user without storing the biometric template and allows any enrollment to be easily revoked if data is compromised. Critically, it also provides a method to enhance the security of cloud-based identification.

“This is a very strong testament from a global biometric player and we are excited to bring our combined capabilities to one of the more popular biometric modalities in the market. We have at the beginning of this year created a vision to enable biometrics to do more in the Digital Identity space. I am pleased that Precise and IO share this vision “, says IO’s CEO Alfred Chan.

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