Tactivo follow-up order from US Department of Defense

Precise Biometrics has won an order of Tactivo from the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) within the US Department of Defense. The value of the order is 1.1 million SEK and will impact fourth quarter revenues 2015 and first quarter revenues 2016.

DLA continues to invest in their mobility solution that provides secure e-mail and browsing capabilities on iOS devices. The solution is based on the existing Common Access Card (CAC) infrastructure and adds to the overall usability of the long standing smart card system. The order, which has been placed through Precise Biometrics' partner TX Systems, includes Tactivo for iPhone devices. 
"The interest in Tactivo is increasing within the US government. We are pleased to see that DLA continues to scale up their usage of Tactivo for convenient and secure mobile access to information systems and resources. The solution increases employee flexibility and efficiency, while ensuring a high level of security by utilizing two-factor authentication", says Håkan Persson, CEO of Precise Biometrics.
About Tactivo
Tactivo is a product line of mobile smart card readers for iOS and Android devices that provides convenient and secure access to restricted resources from mobile devices. Tactivo brings true mobility to organizations using smart cards, such as CAC and Personal Identity Verification (PIV). The smart card readers can be used with a wide range of applications that enable many different use cases, such as secure browsing, e-mail, document signing and more.
For more information about Tactivo, please visit; https://www.precisebiometrics.com/mobile-smart-card-readers